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Why is a house so desperate? Well, it turns out that humanity had to raise it around 97 years ago because of the tremendous nuclear repercussions of the globe. You have always waited to see if the world has been made habitable again and these humans did not have the resources of billions of dollars or the kindness of robots as opposed to the pudgy baby people in Wall-E. “Let’s flee into space to wait for all our problems” fantasy is the “Ark” as the name is right. A darker version. For example, after over a hundred years of food, air, and other supplies, the application of certain really harsh techniques for peacekeeping is being dangerously low.

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In fact, this leads to our premise and the series name. Criminals on the Ark are “floated” – put to death – except for children. For particular experiments, the children are volunteered. Go down and see how it is, how it is. If it’s awful, the kids will die and if it is good, the rest of the Ark-folk can come down and try to live on it with the hundred fewer mouths to feed.

Which The 100 character are you

The 100 are dropped to determine if Earth is living. That’s it! But…not it’s alone. But. In the last 97 years, there are also people who survive the nuclear blasts of the past, apart from the new plants and animals that emerged. These are the Basque people, clans that fight among themselves and the Reapers — an enemy of the cannibalizes. It’s Mountain Men too, but in the second season, we’ll get to them! The Grounders are not a fan of the 100s, and throughout the season they have many clashes.

The Ark knows when and if they die on it. They have bracelets. Bellamy seeks to persuade the many that the Ark is for the best. This is meaningful. I would say that the most foolish plan ever to leave a few teenagers to carry out a stupidly vital task, except you stop to take the view that all these children are technically crimes, which make the idea the worst of all. Also, you will find out which The 100 character are you in this quiz.

After we realized that yes, the world was habitable and that, surprise, surprise, people had indeed lived on earth. It’s called Grounders. And a new tribal way of life started, there’s finally yet another horrific happening. Our protagonist Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) — also called Wanheda, a light-genocide dabbler— and her merry survivor group (just kids, there is no one in the show “merry,” except perhaps Jasper, at some point, RIP) are cryogenically freezing themselves and traveling 125 years on a spacecraft until they reach Sanctum, a moon where, thanks to scientific space exploration, they arrive.

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But Bill Cadogan’s real name. Cadogan wears and studies several white robes and is waiting for a ‘last war’ in order to transcend human beings to a higher plane of life. Typical cultic things, you know.

“The Last War” is the 100th series finale that doesn’t give us much indication of how that series will end tonally. Has Clarke and her compatriots found a method of living in peace? This is the last war? Or is it the final conflict because the whole of mankind is gone and nobody else could fight? Read the last episode review here. What The 100 character are you?

“Following the battling and losses, Clarke and her comrades have reached the last battle. The 100 series Finale is an official summary that teases. But is mankind worth something bigger?” A very good question. A very nice question. I am honestly not sure what the answer to this question is in the context of this episode. From the start, Nihilism, a pessimistic plot, and an overall very dismal vision of mankind have been adopted by the 100. With the world we have witnessed through seven seasons, possibly especially in the last season, I am not convinced whether humanity deserves to exist — and what a sad time to end a seasonal story by 2020.

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which the 100 character are you
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