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Take this which Sixteen Candles character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

The best 16th birthday ever should be SAMANTHA “SAM” BAKER. Her whole family forgets this, however. As if it were the case! Oh, false teen film. Whatever! This is also Clueless, Oops. Oops. What’s that day? 3rd of October? This is still the incorrect film, Dang.

Sam is going to school with her best buddy Randy in the hall of study. Sam is completing a “sex test” on notebook paper, which is how Buzzfeed tests are performed in front of the internet. She says on the quiz that if she had a chance, she certainly would do it with Jake Ryan. (Not to be confused with Chris Pine’s Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.)

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But Jake Ryan doesn’t even know that Sam exists…so far. Sam sends Randy the note, but Randy misses him when he sleeps through class. This note is on the ground. Jake reads and knows that Sam has hots for him instead of keeping the privacy of Sam and returning the secret note to her.

Which Sixteen Candles character are you

Sam is being asked to dance by a boy known as the Geek when he’s going home from school. Because he is a nerd. Because he is a geek. The geeks’ geekiest. Geekiest. She declines politically: “Go to hell.” Also, you will find out which Sixteen Candles character are you in this quiz.

Sam was expelled rudely from her room, at home, as her elder brother Ginny’s wedding is in town with both sets of grandparents. Her whole family not only forgot her birthday, but she also has a couch to sleep. Happy birthday. Happy weirdo.

Her grandparents imported Long Duk Dong, an exchange student. (Someone told us that every time someone says his name, a gong sounds, but we groan too loudly at the racist nature of the portrayal.)

If “Sixteen Candles” sounds like teenage raunch, it may be because I didn’t propose the type of action and direction. It’s a cool and happy film with a wacky comedy and a terrific ear to talk to youngsters. It doesn’t detest or condescend to his characters, as many teenage movies do, but it’s for human comedy and finds it in children’s everyday life.

Molly Ringwald is starred in the movie as Samantha, a glowing teenager with the difficult task of playing a character who takes everything too seriously — never too seriously.

About the quiz

The film is mainly told from her perspective, and it’s like “Valley Girl” — it is about young children who think much about sex, but bashful and unfamiliar, and uncertain and touchingly attached to notions such as True Love. She’s got a crush on a senior boy who looks like Matt Dillon, Jake (Michael Schoeffling), and doesn’t even realize that she’s alive. The Geek, meanwhile, is in love with her (Anthony Michael Hall). Complications also arise, including Jake’s stranded girlfriend, Samantha’s impossible grandparents, several older and younger siblings and sisters, and Long Duk Dong as a foreign exchange student who is reportedly the leading party player in this country. What Sixteen Candles character are you?

Samantha “Sam” Baker was a teenager in Sixteen Candles but the day following her sister’s marriage comes and all, even her grandparents, forget about it. Ted, is a nerd who actually is within Sam, but she’s not within him, guess what. She loves Jake Ryan who’s dreamy, and has just found out she likes him, but Jake has Carolyn. He’s tired of the attitude of Carolyn and also likes Sam, but she still doesn’t.

Sam’s lovely enough to loan her panties to Ted. Jake is good enough for Ted to live while he sits at Jake’s house party, under a glass table, and Ted’s nice enough to talk to Jake about Samantha. They’re some pretty guys.

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which sixteen candles character are you
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