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Take this which Secret History character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

The Secret History is an extremely successful thriller. It begins with Richard Papen, the primary character and storyteller, describe his former companion, Bunny’s murder. When he admits he is partly responsible for the murder, Richard gets our attention. Little by little, the novel exposes who Richard is and how it came to be. In his desire of studying classical Greek, he moves to the Hampden College, but eventually he gets more than he had agreed to. He meets Henry Winter, Camilla Macaulay and Francis Abernathy, Charles Macaulay and Edmund Corcoran and discovers the dark side of campus life.

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His pals are engaged in informal relationships, alcohol abuse and illegal drug experiments. Due to peer pressure, Richard is slowly engaged in the same conduct. He eventually gets trapped in a web of lies and assassinations and must ensure that he doesn’t lose his eyesight. Richard admires his new acquaintances and finds it difficult to split with them despite their imperfections. Richard must therefore live in his heart with misery and guilt.

Donna Tartt’s novel is an outstanding effort, truly worthy of the rewards of the modern classic, which is attractive and graceful, dramatic and humorous. Also, you will find out which Secret History character are you in this quiz.

Which Secret History character are you

Under the influence of its charismatic classic teacher, an elite New England College group of bright, excentric misplaces finds a manner of living and thinking that is a world different from their classmates’ humble existence. But when they move outside regular morals their lives are profoundly and eternally affected and they find out how difficult it is to live really and how easy it is to kill.

Not every book becomes an immediate feeling of literature. The Secret History has been something extraordinary ever since its publication.

A brilliant review of the New York Times delighted that it’s “a really good entertainment,” and the Vanity Fair called it “a vast, spectacular, galloping reading which is deliciously delicious.”

Julian explains: “It is damaging and confusing for a young mind to have a large range of teachers.” Like many Julians, this comment is highly ironic because its system tends to harm many of its students.

“Tartt’s first bruised novel is a big, sometimes weird, sometimes funny, wandering adventure. Part of the psychic thriller, a part of the column of debauched, wasteful young people, Tartt’s fault often redemptions her confidence by a storyline that is basically impossible.

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“The first well-written work tries to be several things: a psychological thriller of suspense, a satire of college mothers and popular culture, and a philosophical education novel…. Finally, as a psychological thriller, it works best.”

Richard Papen goes to study Ancient Greek in his native town of Plano, California for Hampden College elite in Vermont. What Secret History character are you?

And Edmund ‘Bunny’ Corcoran, a broken and bigoted witch that takes his buddies for advantage. After Richard assists the children in their homework, they give him advice about Julian’s love. Richard is eventually admitted into both the classrooms of Julian and the circle of friendship.

Henry looks to be having a tense friendly relationship with Bunny, but they go to Rome for their winter break while Richard is taking a low-paid college job and staying at an unhot store for the winter.

Tensions between Bunny and the gang have deteriorated after the winter break. From Henry and Francis, Richard knows the frozen truth: Henry unintentionally killed a farmer near Francis’ country estate during a bacchanal excluding Richard and Bunny. Bunny choked the group when he discovered the farmer’s death. Bunny faces the kids while he walks, and Henry pushes him to his death down a ravine.

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which secret history character are you
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