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Take this which Sailor Moon character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

The Naoko Takeuchi manga series from Japan, Sailor Moon, was published in 1991 to 1997 in Nakayoshi magazine. Sailor Moon’s search for a mighty stone called the Legendary Silver crystal is chronicled in this series. Sailor Moon and the sailors, who represent each of them a celestial organ in a distinctive manner, defeat a gauntlet of villagers to stop the Solar System’s collapse. The manga consists of five main arcs, each of them with its own driving effect and culmination.

Most of the series has episodic incursions to other celestial realms in Minato, Tokyo. The narrative starts with a speak cat called Luna, a schoolgirl called Usagi Tsukino. Luna offers Usagi a break endowed by a power that makes her the magical soldier Sailor Moon, whose aim is to stop the destruction of the Earth. Usagi joins a gang of new pals with Luna who help to turn Luna into sailor soldiers in order to locate the legendary silver crystal and find a Heavenly Princess.

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Makoto Kino, a new school girl who becomes Seafarer Jupiter. Rei Hino, a local priestess who turns to Seafarer Mars. Sometimes they are accompanied by Mamoru Chiba, a boy from her high school, whose alter ego is the mask of Tuxedo.

Which Sailor Moon character are you

The first storyline arc of Sailor Moon includes an attack headed by Dark Kingdom Queen Beryl. Also, he is leading the Four Kings of Heaven quartet of generals that are looking for the Legendary Silver Crystal to free the Queen Mary. On their journey, the sailors realize each other not only that they have transformed into their roles. Furthermore, they have reembodied troops from the Moon, a place known as the Silver Millennium, which existed in an ancient age.

Since its debut, Sailor Moon has only reached a few anime and manga series in the decades since its inception. It is celebrated on the ice by Olympic skaters. The series Cartoon Network pays tribute to their influence. In a song that has taken the lead on the Billboard charts, the Barenaked ladies memorialized it. Also, this is probably one of your grandmother’s only animated series to remember, along with Speed Racer and Pokemon. Also, you will find out which Sailor Moon character are you in this quiz.

Sailor Moon Crystal has brought new fans and a brand-new English dub to Hulu, and it doesn’t look like Sailor Moon is about to depart the public in the very short term. Why not, then? It is as magical as it is on the first day, an exciting trip that combines real feeling with “Star Serious Laser” and “Jupiter Coconut Cyclone” strikes. Despite the well-earned fame, though, the typical fan may not know a lot about this mariner-appropriate lovemaker. What secrets is the hiding of the princess? In conclusion, we’re here to spill it from her blood type’s meaning to her roman-Greco ancestry.

About the quiz

The Queen oversaw pleasant relationships amongst planetary nations, art blossomed and even certain concepts of advanced computing took root in the lunar soils through generations. This system functioned accordingly. What Sailor Moon character are you?

In addition to being one of the most successful and renowned anime/manga series ever, Sailor Moon is a real superstar franchise, probably at the level of your X Men’s or your Avengers’ cultural importance. If, in the mid-90s, you remember that English Dub was a culte among children here during the peak of the Toonami Cartoon Network block, increase that intensity to ten, which is how huge Sailor Moon was in Japan.

Usually, magical girls used their heroes to enjoy or to win boyfriendly or adventurous adventures before Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is still quite romantic, but the master arc always deals with our girls saving the world that wasn’t the norm at the time.

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which sailor moon character are you
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