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Take this which Prison Break character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

During the escape, Michael’s gadget fails to breach an electronic lock and leaves him no choice but to create an enormous power increase that kills him.

She and Lincoln depart for the Dominican Republic. His final sacrifice enables Sara to escape.

In the last scene, Sara looks at Michael’s DVD message that he was dying of a brain tumor even if the final break had survived.

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Michael and his brother have both been victims of two enormous government plots. Lincoln was framed for murder by the Company, a Secret Government Group, and then Michael was sent to Sona to pray for another prisoner, who was vital for their plans, to be found. Michael and Lincoln led this prisoner to a new mission: recovery of SCYLLA, a large digital collection of records from, the company and the most state and trade secrets, including challenging stuff. They found out through their tracking of SCYLLA, that their mother was leading The Company. But after their mother made it plain that she did not actually care about them, the familial reunion was short-lived.

Which Prison Break character are you

Michael’s plan to break out of the Fox River included Sara Tancredi, a Fox River medical practitioner. However, he finally fell in love instead of controlling her. He finally ruined her life as well. After he urged her to leave the clinic open to escape, she was swiftly fired and spiraled away and drowned in drugs and booze in her grief. But Michael and Sara came back and came to a happy eternity after the arrest and sentence of Michael to prison in Panama. Sara was kidnapped and slain when Michael was in Sona, Panama Prison. In Season 4, after Michael ha, it turned out to be alive. Also, you will find out which Prison Break character are you in this quiz.

RARELY is unhappy and frightened for Michael. Michael seems to be thinking of every angle and considering every scenario. It wasn’t until the aircraft took flight, the convicts turned down the aircraft, that it eventually sank. It can’t account for certain factors. Humans. Everything in Michaels’ plan appeared to be incorrect not because of a failure of some equipment. But because of human activity… well…unpredictable.

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And I have just to say, in season 1, I had my breath for almost 45 minutes of the last episode, hehe. The degree of anticipation which led to the eventual escape could not be believed. Like a dubstep beat, Then, I found my heart running. The man was solid in the first season.

Sara finds that she has slain her father, Governor Frank Tancredi, and she meets Michael, as the brothers are trying to bring down the company member currently, President Reynolds. Half of the escapees have been slain, but the brothers are coming to Panama. The Panamanian authorities arrest Michael, T-Bag, Mahone, and Bellick and imprison the Federal de Sona Penitenciaría. What Prison Break character are you?

On the way, Sarah Tancredi, resident physician of Fox River, helped Michael. Michael and Sarah went down, but Michael utilized his relationship to persuade Sarah to escape.

Veronica Donovan, ex-lawyer, Lincoln’s was striving to get Lincoln clear of the murder in a convoluted and quite uninteresting B tale. What’s that like?

However, Michael and Lincoln are the only ones we care about right now.

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which prison break character are you
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