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Due to the cancellation of major events and public releases due to the epidemic, motorcycle manufacturers have had even more time to design, improve, and build the best new motorcycles in 2021. And, after the long periods of global lockdown, your thirst for freedom and adventure will be stronger than ever! What better way to commemorate the joy of living than with a new motorcycle?

Of course, there are other factors to consider before purchasing one of the brand-new high-end 2021 motorcycles. That’s why we’ve compiled this list to assist you in determining which motorcycle is perfect for you in 2021. But first, let’s look at why 2021 is the greatest year to buy one of the top ten best motorcycles.

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When determining which new motorcycle to purchase this year, it is critical to consider the type of riding you intend to perform. So, in order to determine which motorbike is perfect for you, let’s first discuss the many sorts of motorcycles.

Street bikes, often known as naked bikes, are intended for commuting and short-distance travel. They are ideal for urban driving due to their upright seating position, basic design, easy handling, and no-frills technology.

If you want to skip the tough dirt tracks and go on pleasant weekend adventures, cruisers are the bikes for you. Instead of raw power, you might want to look for things like baggage options, seat comfort, and design in a cruiser. Also, you must try to play this Which Motorcycle Are You quiz.

Which Motorcycle Are You?

The answer is in the name when it comes to sport bikes: these high-performance machines are designed to reach peak speeds while keeping you as safe and comfortable as possible!


While the Royal Enfield Meteor 350’s small-displacement, low-horsepower engine may not be pushing the limits of speed and performance, it has already received a slew of honors, including IMOTY 2021 and Two-Wheeler of the Year! With its luxuriant high-quality retro style, incredibly low price, and range of 300+ miles, this cruiser is an excellent entry-level bike that provides excellent value for money.


This nimble roadster is a fantastic middleweight addition to Triumph’s portfolio. The Trident 660, like previous Triumph models, features the torquey inline-three engine for which Triumph is famed, and its 10,000-mile maintenance intervals make it incredibly affordable and equally accessible to rookie riders on a budget. Its modest weight, low seating position, and slender frame also provide for good handling and entertaining, dynamic rides.


Yamaha’s new adventure bike is a stylish ride for all road conditions. Its mid-displacement engine combines dependability with high power output, excellent linear torque, and enhanced fuel economy. Its rally-inspired ergonomics provide the rider with outstanding agility without sacrificing comfort, allowing confident handling on both dirt tracks and asphalt. At a reasonable price, it’s a strong contender for the greatest all-around motorbike!

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The Austrian KTM 890 Adventure is a good long-term investment for any serious rider looking to hit the road – whether it’s smooth cross-country tarmac or a rugged off-road dirt trail – thanks to its impressive 889cc engine with 105 hp and solid linear torque, long service intervals, and low fuel consumption. The KTM 890 Adventure is designed for comfort over long routes and off-road missions, and it has excellent ergonomics and handling. What’s not to appreciate about that?

R 1250 GS BMW

The 2021 BMW R 1250 GS, with its large-displacement boxer engine used in many of the German automaker’s bikes, provides cutting-edge performance on and off the road. Its low emissions, low fuel consumption, and selectable eco-driving mode make it as cost-effective as possible. With its distinctive BMW design and high-quality finish, it’s no surprise that the 2021 edition is also available with a 40th-anniversary option, highlighting the long-standing success of this well-deserved top-ten motorcycle!


Are you looking for a bike that you can use for racing on the weekends while also commuting quickly throughout the week? Don’t look any further! The Italians have built an absolutely cool middleweight motorcycle with a clever aerodynamic design and an excellent power-to-weight ratio in the RS 660. It also has the Aprilia Performance Ride Control (APRC), which was initially created for race use, to keep you safe at these high speeds.

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