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Which Miraculous Will You Get?


Take this Which Miraculous Will You Get quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Miraculous Bee

A holder of the Bee Miraculous can utilize “Venom,” a power that transforms the user’s hand into a bee stinger capable of paralyzing a target. While there is a chance that Venom will not hit, they can keep trying, and if it does hit, it almost guarantees a win because the target will be unable to move, which is extremely valuable in a fight. The holder, like several others, has five minutes after usage before it de-transforms.

The Bee Miraculous acquires a spinning top as a weapon, similar to Ladybug’s yo-yo. The top can be used for attack, transport, and as a temporary shield. Unlike Ladybug’s yo-yo, though, it may be divided in half and utilized as a communicator among allies.

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Miraculous Rabbit

“Burrow” is a superpower that opens a doorway to a pocket dimension. Anyone in the room is shown events from the past, present, and future. The bearer can use this to predict limitless futures and travel between space and time to modify events in accordance with their aim. While not always useful in combat, this is a tremendously strong talent that allows the user to quickly create different universes.

Which Miraculous Will You Get?

Unlike the Snake Miraculous, which requires the bearer to make several tries to attain their desired outcome, the Rabbit Miraculous allows the holder to view many other futures before acting. However, it is still up to them to carry out those actions. They can also travel forward and back in time, rewriting reality as they like. Also, you must try to play this Which Miraculous Will You Get quiz.

Miraculous Ladybug

The “Lucky Charm” ability can disarm, restrain, or weaken an opponent by providing the user with a tool, which is frequently a random daily object. It’s up to the holder to figure out what to do next. Contrary to common perception, it is Marinette’s fast thinking and intellect that teaches her how to wield the Lucky Charm, not the Ladybug Miraculous. As a result, people might not be able to fully utilize this Miraculous.

Aside from its Lucky Charm, this Miraculous can completely reverse any magical damage, including huge collateral damage, and purify an Akuma butterfly. The holder is also handed two yo-yos to use as weapons for attacking and defensive moves.

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Miraculous Peacock

The Peacock Miraculous enables “Amokization,” a power that creates a Sentimonster from a person’s emotions, which can subsequently perform specified duties. This Miraculous also has other skills that can be employed in conjunction with the Sentimonster. The first, Telepathy, allows the holder to converse with them, while Empathy allows them to sense the feelings of the monster, and finally, Bodily Control allows them to control the beast at will.

With this Miraculous, the possessor can fulfill their goals without leaving their place because the Sentimonster handles the majority of the work. With the snap of a finger, the holder can likewise turn the Sentimonster into nothing.

Miraculous Butterfly

The Butterfly Miraculous obtains the power “akumatization,” which allows the user to Akumatize an object that is experiencing severe negative feelings. They are subsequently granted strength and power, and they are enticed to work for the possessor. The Butterfly, like the Peacock Miraculous, offers Telepathy, Empathy, and Bodily Control for enhanced control and communication with the akumatized human.

There are numerous characteristics that are unique to the Butterfly Miraculous that make it so potent in comparison to the others. For example, even if the holder is defeated, the akumatized victims retain their abilities until they are defeated as well. Nothing prevents other Miraculous holders from becoming akumatized, leaving them as susceptible as the regular populace. These people remain akumatized even if the bearer de-transforms. The Ladybug is the only Miraculous who can entirely neutralize anything the Butterfly does.

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Carma Casey

Prepare for an exciting journey through a world of diverse knowledge and fun quizzes with Carma Casey, the creative mind behind captivating general quizzes. Hailing from the United States, Carma invites you to challenge your intellect, test your curiosity, and have a blast exploring a wide range of topics through her engaging quizzes.
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