Which Hamtaro Character Are You?

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Take this Which Hamtaro Character Are You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Laura Haruna (Hiroko Haruna, often known as Roko-chan) is the owner of Hamtaro. She is a fifth-grade girl who has recently moved to a new neighborhood with her family. Hamtaro is a curious and adventurous hamster who ends up outside his family’s residence, where he quickly meets a host of hamster buddies. It was also Hamtaro’s idea to turn Boss’s (Taishou-Kun) underground mansion into the Ham-Ham Clubhouse, a hamster-only clubhouse.

In most episodes (both dubbed and original), Hamtaro is portrayed as the real hero of resolving a crisis, and in most circumstances, this is accurate. As a result, most Hamtaro/Tottoko Hamutarou fans prefer the other hamsters, who aren’t as well known as Hamtaro.

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Hamtaro has the same body structure as the majority of the hamsters in the anime. He has a big round head, big round ears, and a short body. He can walk on his rear legs like a human. Hamtaro is a golden hamster and hence exhibits some of its characteristics. He is beige/white with orange highlights on the sides of his head and down his back. It’s also worth noting that Hamtaro has an orange patch just to the left of his tail. Hamtaro’s eyes are wide and shiny.’ At times, you can see that his eyes are grey.

Which Hamtaro Character Are You?

The animators discovered new techniques to draw the hamsters as the episodes (as well as the OVAs and movies) proceeded. These new methods were frequently much easier and faster. Hamtaro, like the other hamsters, began to get larger heads and smaller bodies. Their beige paws appeared to develop ‘new joints,’ and they were able to perform things with their paws that only humans can accomplish, such as giving a thumbs up. Also, you must try to play this Which Hamtaro Character Are You quiz.

Tottoko Hamutaro: Norisuta Hai!, designed and animated by a new firm, was the most significant revamp for Hamtaro and his hamster companions. The hamsters’ heads had grown to their largest size, while their bodies had shrunk to their smallest. Their feet and paws were likewise dissimilar. The arms (or, at least, the visible arms) were not drawn, and the feet gave the impression that they were always on their toes. Many series fans despised the new design since it seemed odd. Many enthusiasts stated that the larger heads appeared to be capable of snapping their own necks.

Oxnard, a spotted hamster who enjoys sunflowers, is Hamtaro’s best friend. After Hamtaro finds the outside world in episode one, they first meet. Oxnard, who was outside at the time, felt terrified when he spotted Hamtaro. Running away, Hamtaro pursues and collides with Oxnard after he hauls abruptly. Oxnard had misplaced his sunflower seed, and Hamtaro assists him in locating it. Oxnard appreciates Hamtaro’s assistance, and the two quickly become friends.

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Actually, Oxnard frequently loses his sunflower seed, and it’s typically the ham-hams’ task to find it, especially Hamtaro.

Hamtaro encountered Boss after Oxnard fell into one of Boss’ many tunnels after accidentally making a hole in the earth. Hamtaro leaped after him and they both ended up in one of Boss’ many tunnels. When Boss first appeared, the hamsters mistook him for a monster until Hamtaro scented him. Despite the fact that he had a hole in his tunnel, Boss was rather nice to these new faces… and decided to show them around. Boss then told his new friends about his crush on Bijou.

Later, the trio goes to see Bijou; Boss wants to sing a song to her, but his nerves get the best of him. Hamtaro then takes the stage and decides to sing “Chick-Ah Chick-Ah Remember I’m Your Ham,” to which Boss (who is no longer nervous) and Oxnard soon join in. Bijou congratulates them by tossing sunflower seeds at them as a present. Also, Hamtaro observes her winking at her, and Hamtaro thinks she has an eyelash.

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