Which Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Character Are You?

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Take this which Diary Of A Wimpy Kid character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

The launch of an amazing new series drawn by an outstanding kid, with every family. It’s a new school year, with Greg Heffley sliding into middle school where small weak people share the lobby with younger, middle-aged, and already rashing children. The dangers of growing up until you are ready are unique to Greg in his diary with words and drawings.

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Greg is glad to have Rowley, his side-kick, on his way in book one of this first series. But when Rowley’s career rises, Greg seeks to make use of the sudden popularity of his best friend for his own benefit and launches a series of events that will hilariously test their friendship.

Which Diary Of A Wimpy Kid character are you

Author/illustrator Jeff Kinney recalls the sorrows of school life and presents a new hero that portrays the trials of being a child. “Not expect me to be all this and all that, ‘Dear Diary,’ as Greg says in his diary.” As he says in his diary. Luckily for us, it’s two quite different things that Greg Heffley states that he doesn’t and that he really does.
The Web edition of the Wimpy Kid Journal has been watched by 20 million unique online readers since it was launched on Funbrain.com in May 2004.

Greg Heffley starts his tale with his mother buying his school materials when he gets ready for his first day at mid school, Rodrick. his older brother. Greg has also a privileged brother named Manny, who gets anything he wants and never gets into trouble. Instead of doing sports, his father Frank does not like Greg’s lifestyle of playing video games all day long.

Greg is forced to meet Fregley, the school nerd he prefers to keep far away, on his first day at school. He’s not sure if his friend Rowley Jefferson’s going to fit in secondary school, because he thinks he’s immature. Also, you will find out which Diary Of A Wimpy Kid character are you in this quiz.

Greg and Rowley chose to join the wrestling team to increase their status, but Greg leaves the squad after losing a game against Fregley.

By informing them he will talk to cops, Greg threatens them, but young people begin to chase them. Both Greg and Rowley hide until the teenagers leave at Greg’s grandmother’s house.

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Greg and Rowley choose to play the game during Christmas break when Rowley needs to cycle while Greg tries to knock him off. One of the balls that Greg throws are playing, which causes Rowley to fall off and break his arm. When he returned to school with a cast, the girls started nursing him (his books, etc.). After healing Rowley, he and Greg join the security patrol as the smaller children go home.

When Greg Heffley starts his last year of secondary school, his mother gives him a newspaper that he writes and writes. Greg began to describe his paper and analyze the popularity of the other students, a quality that he will look for all year long. He narrates the story of an old piece of cheese on a basketball court, which was left outside. They are maligned and outcast when someone touches the cheese. Greg introduced Rodrick, his older brother, to Greg who plays drums and plays heavy-metal pranks; Manny, his younger brother, pampered like a prince; and Rowley, his best buddy. What Diary Of A Wimpy Kid character are you?

In video games Greg is ‘very good,’ however, his dad often encourages him to spend more time in the open. When Greg is listening to Rodrick’s CDs with parental warning labels with headache phones, a ban on video spiel takes him in and punishes him. At school, Greg is running for treasurer, but the vice director is throwing his improper posters into the trash.

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which diary of a wimpy kid character are you
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