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So, whether you’re Ethan, Benji, Hunley, Ilsa, or Luther, remember that every mission is possible when you embrace your strengths and collaborate effectively.

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Tom Cruise received praise for preserving the theater experience last summer with the wildly successful “Top Gun: Maverick.” The blockbuster experience appears to be waning when high-budget Hollywood productions like “The Flash” and “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” fall short of expectations, and one of our last genuine movie stars returns more than a year later. Can he once more save Hollywood? Because “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” is such a blast, I certainly hope so. With “Part One” in the title, director Christopher McQuarrie, Cruise, and their team have once again created a deceptively straightforward thriller that bounces good, bad, and in-between characters off of one another for 163 minutes. Despite this audacious length, the movie somehow manages to feel short. Some of the overdone language about the significance of this particular operation becomes tiresome, but McQuarrie and his colleagues will occasionally reveal some wonderfully designed action sequence that will make all the spy-speak bearable. Currently, Hollywood is debating the very state of their business. It’s only fitting that Ethan Hunt agrees to the mission.

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Plot

Although this series effectively relaunched with its fourth installment, drastically altering tone and aesthetic, this seventh movie very deftly references the 1996 Brian De Palma original more than any other, sort of fusing the two parts of the franchise together. Although it is not an origin story, the way it explores a cherished character’s core meaning is reminiscent of the wonderful “Casino Royale.” Ethan Hunt’s character in “Dead Reckoning Part One” is trying to reconcile how he came to this place in his life, and McQuarrie and co-writer Erik Jendresen frequently mention De Palma’s movie in their narrative. And Fraser Taggart’s cinematography wants you to recall the first film—how Ethan Hunt became an agent and the price he’s been paying from the start—with its sweaty, canted close-ups. Also, you will find out which Dead Reckoning character are you in this quiz.

Not just with the eyes, either. Eugene Kittridge, a former IMF director, makes a comeback in “Dead Reckoning” with a new mission for Ethan. Henry Czerny. Hunt is informed by Kittridge that superpowers are engaged in a struggle to control what amounts to a rogue AI in the planet. A key that has been cut into two halves can be used to control the AI. Ethan and his team, which includes returning actors Luther (Ving Rhames) and Benji (Simon Pegg), must not only discover the purpose of the key but also prevent one of those halves from being sold on the black market. Only if IMF can determine where and how to apply it will the key be useful.

The first significant set piece in “Dead Reckoning Part One” takes place in the Dubai airport, where Hunt learns that there are other players in this espionage chess game, including a familiar face in Gabriel (Esai Morales), a morally crooked mercenary who is one of the reasons that Hunt is an agent in the first place. Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson), a former series regular, makes her return. In addition to wanting to watch the world burn, Gabriel is a chaos agent who wants the fire to cause as much suffering as possible. Gabriel is, in many ways, the opposite of Ethan. Ethan’s weakness has been his empathy and social connections; Gabriel lacks both, and he essentially works for the A.I. to obtain the key that will allow it to run unchecked.

At the airport, Shea Whigham and Greg Tarzan Davis, who play a few agents seeking to track down the rogue Ethan, as well as a pickpocket named Grace (Hayley Atwell), who becomes caught up in all of this world-altering madness, cross paths with Ethan. In a handful of the action moments, a silent assassin who was brilliantly sketched by Pom Klementieff is also crucial. As the armaments dealer White Widow, Vanessa Kirby also makes a return, and if the ensemble has a fault, it’s Kirby’s somewhat underwhelming performance. In these movies, she has never fully been able to express the role of “power player” as she should.

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