Which Bee And Puppycat Character Are You?


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I already wrote to you all about why you should watch the fantastic program Bee and Puppycat, and today I’m here to discuss loose narrative aspects and analyze the show with you all. Giving my last views and theories on what has happened in the series so far! Hopefully, you’ve previously seen the series before reading this, but if not, consider this your official spoiler warning! If you haven’t seen Bee and Puppycat, I strongly advise you to do so before reading this. With that said, let’s get started on the review!

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There are a number of elements in the show about which we don’t have enough information to draw conclusions, such as who exactly is Bee. She’s the main character we’ve grown to like, but we don’t know much about her. We learn about Bee during the series. Childish, naive, lovely, and ridiculous. But then we discovered she’s a cyborg. That threw us for a loop. If you look closely, you’ll notice that it was heavily foreshadowed.

Which Bee And Puppycat Character Are You?

Deckard’s comments about how strong and heavy she is, for example, aren’t simply for show. Or how Bee has expressed numerous times that she dislikes water. Cass has also stated that Bee does not act her age, that she is child-like, and that Deckard enjoys “mothering” her. Bee was fatally ill when she was young, as we learned in the Glitchcord episode Bees Birthday. She became so engrossed in the work that she stayed inside all day. Again, the program is hazy on these narrative details, but we can speculate that this illness was the catalyst for Bee’s transformation into a Cyborg.

Partially, cyborgs are robots. They’re half-human, half-machine. They are typically developed when a person is involved in a fatal accident that necessitates the replacement of body components. Because we don’t know anything about Bee’s “accident/sickness” other than the fact that he is nearly bed-ridden, this is the only conclusion we can reach. Many people have hypothesized that Bee is a robot, yet as seen in the Glitch cord Episode, Bee carries a photo of herself and her father, indicating that she was clearly a youngster at the time.

Because robots cannot age or mature, the only explanation is that Bee sustained potentially fatal injuries at a young age, prompting her father to repair her by transforming her into a Cyborg. Also, you must try to play this Which Bee And Puppycat Character Are You quiz.

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Speaking of Bee’s father, this brings us to yet another ambiguous story point. What exactly is his name? Bee only mentioned him once throughout the series, and it was to say how much she misses him. We don’t know if he died, but the thing I want you to understand is that Bee’s father has some sort of relationship/connection to Puppycat.

Puppycat is a strange but complicated character. She’s cute and spunky, but she has a sad and twisted background. To summarize, Puppycat wasn’t always… well, Puppycat. Puppycat isn’t his true form or identity, as we see in the pilot and throughout the series. He has remarked that he is a space outlaw and that his new physique is difficult to maneuver. After his lover betrayed him and corned him by her guards, he was transformed into Puppycat. He escaped, but not before being transformed into Puppycat, as we discovered from the pilot.

As we saw in the previous episode, Bee’s arm is gravely damaged, which is how we learn she’s a cyborg, as her hands spit mechanical pieces and wires in front of Deckard. When Bee returns home, Puppycat discovers a trail of machine parts while searching for Bee and gathers them up. We see bits with Puppycat’s face on them, which creates a lot of issues, but the thing that gets us all is when Puppycat sees Bee healing herself with her Dadbox, she claims they don’t know anything about each other. Bee’s father obviously knows who Puppycat is because he designed Bee’s mechanical pieces, which have Puppycat’s visage plastered all over them.

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