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Take this which Baby Sitters Club character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Following several telephone calls by Kristy Thomas’s mother to find a baby seat for Kristy’s younger brother, Kristy decides to form a baby seat club. The group would meet each week at certain times so that parents could reach many sitters with one phone number at once. Kristy and a new girl at school, Stacey McGill, are asking her good friends Mary Anne Spier and Claudia Kishi to join this club. Kristy is overjoyed at the good beginning of her club but is not delighted to watch the children of her mother’s boyfriend Watson as the only sitter available.

Although Kristy dislikes Watson just because she felt that he was attempting to impress her family, she warmed his children up and then became involved with him and his mother.

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Kristy feels constrained to say what is in her mind every time, and at a club meeting, she confronts Stacey about the whereabouts of Stacey’s mother, Stacey. Stacey tells how her parents kept a secret for those outside her family on her recent diabetes diagnosis. The sisters solve each other’s problems, and Kristy is looking forward to the long-term babysitting club.

Which Baby Sitters Club character are you

For a second time, it was fun to read this. Most of all, I didn’t have all that different impressions when I read this following the first black and white publication. One of the earliest titles in the Scholastic Graphix range was the Baby-Sitters Club. The series is taken from the famous series Ann M. Martin of the same name, which I read before adolescence voraciously. Raina Telgemeier changed the titles, although the adjustment remains true to the original voice of the series.

The fundamental premise is: Often babysittings are Kristy Thomas and her friends. But one night she saw her mother struggle to find a babysitter, call after call, and strike. (Been there. (Been there. That’s what you did.) Kristy feels that if parents can make a telephone call and contact a large bunch of people it would be a terrific idea. So born is Club of the Baby Sitter. She recruits Mary Ann and Claudia, and her new buddy Stacy recruits Claudia. The club is a success, but the girls also sail through friendships and families.

In a really updated 21st century edition, Telgemeier’s works really bring this series to life. After all, the series was released in every house before the computers. Before internet. Before internet. Let’s say, let’s say, before mobile phones. Telgemeier takes on character attributes such as the “nerdiness” of Mary Ann or Kristy while imparting a bit of a distinctive and exotic flair to Claudia and Stacy.

About the quiz

All right, all right, I never read “The Club of Baby Sitters.” Either way, I never had to break one of those babies open in all my Scholastic Book Fair-beating, middle-grade library, Barnes and Noble-girl-friendly gift cards-using youth. I feel like a real sucker when I see the cover costumes of the “Baby-Sitters Club” classified, or guess where the gales are today.

Luckily, having read the books is so easy to make fake. See these covers! See these covers! A picture has a thousand words value and the cover design for a “Baby-Sitters Club” might cost 10,000 words, therefore every detail is essential. (I take it for granted.)

I finally pledged my entire generational lady cohort to be updated this week, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the series. This is true: I have seen each cover of Ann M. Martin’s 35 original novels and have guessed every single story. Now I’m sure I have the biggest “BSC” superfan to hold my own.

Claudia started phoning on a single phone line called GhostLines to deal with the terrible emotional load of accidentally functioning as a mother for an apple-cheeked child, who would surely be in the center of the national news attention when she left the wagon at Blockbuster. She creates a great crush at the other end of the phone for the mysterious boy, but she is suspicious that he is a ghost, actually! Uh oh. Then there are hijinks.

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which baby sitters club character are you
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