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Take this which ACOTAR character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

The story starts with Fayre, a 19-year-old who hunts her family in winter. Food is scarce and it finishes by murdering a wolf, hate of their kind which she believes to be a faerie. After murdering it, however, Fayre is compelled to enter the Prythian Fairy Country and dwell as punishment with a high Fae named Tamlin. Once there, she encounters a second faerie called Lucien, who, after his companion, Andras’s death, was initially hostile to her. She learns she lives at the court in Spring, one of the seven courts in Pythia, all of which are the High Fae home. In her absence, Tamlin says her family has looked after her.

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Fayre starts learning how to read as Tamlin takes her to his study. She also asks Lucien to grab a Suriel, a sort of faerie that must report the fact that anyone who takes them is asking questions. Fayre chooses to seize Suriel despite the dangers. The Suriel tells her the story of a High King who rules another fascinating kingdom. The creature also says to remain with the Lord since he is going to protect it. But they are beset by fierce nagas before Fayre can ask for more. Before Tamlin rushes to her rescue, Fayre manages to kill two of them. Also, you will find out which ACOTAR character are you in this quiz.

Which ACOTAR character are you

Tamlin announces during dinner that evening that she has fulfilled her commitment to her mother – to keep her family safe. So Fayre has no reason to go back home. But Fayre starts having Andras murder dreams. Tamlin and Lucien accompanied her to a glen with a lake of stars to try to cheer her on. Tamlin tells her that after the love of Lucien’s life, Lucien left his court. On the journey home, Lucien apologizes for not shielding Fayre against nagas.

Feyre and Tamlin return to the Spring Court. Tamlin is an overprotective d-bag, Feyre has regular and disturbing nightmares. When Feyre (mentally) begs for someone to save her he’s going to get married. The legendary “Hi, Feyre sweetheart” of Cue Rhysand. Rhysand brings it to the Court of the Night and teaches it to read, write, and shield its thoughts. Tamlin locks her basically when she comes back (which is a big no-no after what happened Under the Mountain). Feyre gets down and Mor releases her to the Night Court and brings her back.

War is brewing. War is brewing. The King of Hybern wants Jurian to resurrect and must obtain a book and a cauliflower. The book is divided into two sections to protect its security (one is in the human world and the other is in the Summer Court). Amren and Feyre are stealing part of the book from the Summer Court and Amren is beginning to translate it. In return for their half of the book, Rhysand arranges an appointment with the Human Queens and shows them Velaris. What ACOTAR character are you?

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Although all this is taking place, Feyre trains to fight. And Feyre caught a Suriel to find out how to cure him. Rhysand becomes poisons. She fixes Rhysand and buries her emotions instantly in a private cottage. Rhysand finally finds her and cues the scene. You’re familiar with that one. Officially, Huzzah, there are mates (and the Night Court’s High Lady)!

The very difficult times fell for Feyre and her family. They are hidden from high society and close to hunger. Feyre has had the task of hunting for food. One day, she finds a doe, but a big wolf bites the doe first, to her astonishment. She wonders if Fae is in his wolf form, but she’s shot him with an ash arrow because of her dislikes of Fae.

Just a short time later, a wolf faerie demands to pay for the killed wolf, a lifetime as laid down in the Treaty. Feyre wants to live in Prythian throughout the wall voluntarily instead of being murdered. In a gorgeous and wide manor resides the wolf fairy, Tamlin. He’s Spring Court High Lord. She meets Lucien, a friend of Tamlin here also.

The entire household wears masks, even Tamlin. They are looking for a treatment for trouble and fear it could one day expand to the deadly countries. Ultimately, Tamlin ensures that they are cared for by him.

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