What Friend Are You In Your Group?

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Take this What Friend Are You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

The Violent One
You know that person in your group that you adore but occasionally wish he or she could figure out what volume control is? Meet the boisterous friend, a necessary component of every friend group. This friend, unquestionably an extrovert, can make any hangout a good one and tell any tale like it’s the greatest thing that’s ever occurred. However, this is the person you may have to warn your parents about if they come over and who will almost certainly get you in trouble for talking throughout class (but you know they’re worth it in the end).

The Shy Person
On the other end of the scale, every friend group has a quiet friend who is the polar opposite of the boisterous one. This friend has taught you that being shy isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it simply means that some individuals take a little longer to feel at ease, but it’s worth the effort to break through those barriers. This companion is perfect for movie evenings and small-group sleepovers, and they probably have a lot more to say than they let on at first.

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What Friend Are You?

The Person Who Is Constantly in a Relationship
It’s natural to have a few coupled-up buddies in your circle, but there’s always that one individual who seems to be in a relationship. Everyone around them finds this person’s love life exhausting—after all, how do they even have time to meet all these people, let alone go on dates/hang out with them?—but you can’t help but enjoy living vicariously through them for the drama of it all. However, if this person ever makes you or your group feel neglected as a result of their relationship-seeking, make sure to let them know. Also, you must try to play this What Friend Are You In Your Group Quiz.

The Fashionable Individual
This person is always on top of the latest trends, looks flawlessly put together, and has a closet full of clothes you can’t wait to borrow. Getting dressed in this person’s house is always the greatest option, especially if you’re not feeling your outfit and need an accent to elevate it. Spend enough time with this person, and you can find yourself adopting some of their fashion habits before you even see them on your TikTok stream.

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The Mother’s Friend
Because the term “mom friend” has a bad connotation, let’s alter it to “prepared friend.” This is the person you can always count on to make sure everyone is having a nice time, to coordinate a plan whenever you’re going anywhere, to suggest the best activity ideas that actually happen, and to have refreshments on available. This is most certainly the prepared buddy if you have a friend who has known which college they want to attend since they were 10, always looks put together, and asks you to text them when you get home from a hangout.

The One With the Favorite Hangout Spot
While your company is likely to visit a variety of hangout areas, every group appears to have that one house that just becomes the go-to. Maybe it’s because that particular friend has the coolest siblings, the coziest couch, the largest movie selection, or simply because their mother always has food ready to feed you all, but whatever the reason, having a backup site for your group to gather is always a good idea. Just make sure to thank this friend (and their parents) and express your gratitude.

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