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Take this Avatar The Last Airbender quiz to find out what bender are you. With our up-to-date Avatar quiz, you will find your bender type.

After more than a decade and a half, Avatar: The Last Airbender remains one of the most beloved Nickelodeon cartoons of all time. The show’s success can be attributed in part to the elaborate worldbuilding and magic system.

Each of the four nations in ATLA is home to people who can manipulate or “bend” a certain element: the Air Nomads, the Water Tribe, the Earth Kingdom, and the Fire Nation, respectively. Accordingly, each nation’s bending is unique, and it reflects its culture.

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The Air Nomads are a nomadic people with four temples spread out throughout the globe. As a highly spiritual civilization influenced by Buddhist monks (as well as Tibetan and Hindu ideologies), it’s no surprise that air is their element: ever-present but never confined to a single location. The Air Nomads, a calm and contemplative people, were attacked by the Fire Nation, igniting the Hundred Year War. The majority of nomads were wiped out during the conflict, leaving only a few vestiges of their way of life for future generations.

What Bender Are You?

This martial art form is based on the Baguazhang martial art system, which is closely related to Tai Chi and has ties to Taoism. Airbending is based on the principle of avoiding resistance, just like the air itself. It is possible for Airbenders to manipulate both the air surrounding their gliders, and the air itself, so that they appear to be able to fly and run as fast as the wind. Despite its non-resistant nature (primarily, airbenders use the momentum and strength of their opponents against them, if they are compelled to engage in combat at all, airbending may also be an offensive maneuver, such as creating punches created from air but supported by force). The sky bisen taught humanity airbending.

Children’s air scooters are one example of an airbending subtype that uses balls, tunnels, and funnels for air to flow through. Re-introductions of the Air Nomads are made in Legend of Korra, even though airbending was not a major part of its predecessor. The kinds of airbending, including flight without a glider, are highlighted in this presentation. An airbender’s ability to fly once freed from terrestrial ties.

Based on the Inuit and other indigenous Arctic peoples, the Water Tribe is divided into North and South, which occupy the two poles opposite each other. Northern and Southern Water Tribes inhabit cold, snowy regions where water is plentiful. Waterbending has a strong cultural connection to the Water Tribe’s philosophy of family and empathy. This is why you should try our What Bender Are You quiz.

Bender Types

Tai Chi is the basis for waterbending, which is a graceful and flowing martial art that is always in motion. Deep breathing and flexibility of the physical body and the mind are required for this form of bending. A waterbender can manipulate, freeze, unfreeze, and sharpen the water around them, making them a formidable force on the ocean. Waterbenders are most powerful when the moon is full, as the moon influences natural forces like tides. In fact, the moon taught humanity how to waterbend.

Waterbenders have the ability to alter water vapor in the atmosphere, as well as in living organisms. As a result, waterbending has a particularly ominous subgroup. If a waterbender is strong enough in the world of Avatar, they can use the full moon’s power to bend the blood in the bodies of themselves and other waterbenders.

Each of the four kingdoms has its own own colonial, clan, and city-state structure, and the Earth Kingdom is the largest of the four. The Earth Kingdom prides itself on its diversity, power, and tradition as the strongest nation in the world. Earthbending has a vast range of forms to mirror the diversity of the Earth Kingdom, but they are most closely related to the Chinese martial art Hung Ga. Keep a firm grip on the ground with this martial art approach.

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Benders of earth and rock can alter enormous swaths of land, as well as the tiniest grains of sand, based on their abilities. Large boulders may be moved by powerful benders, while smaller things can be used to make armor made of rock and shift the earth’s surface to knock an opponent off balance. The badger moles were the first to teach humans how to bend the earth.

Sandbending, a sort of earthbending that involves manipulating smaller earth particles in desert sand, is one type of earthbending. In addition, metalbending is a sub-type. There are still pieces of earth trapped in metal that can be felt and manipulated by earthbending, making even tough objects like prison cells, keypads, tanks and armor vulnerable to earthbending manipulation because metal is fundamentally refined earth. Patience and sensitivity to earth’s vibrations are also advantages for more patient benders, especially in areas with poor visibility.

Taking inspiration from imperial Japan and other East Asian cultures, the Fire Nation places a high importance on physical strength, creativity, a reverence for tradition, and a love of the arts. The Fire Nation, as the most aggressive and technologically advanced side in the Hundred Year War, places a high importance on energy and ambition, as evidenced by its atypical dress code. Firebending is a martial art based on the Northern Shaolin martial art. What Avatar Bender are you will show you the results.

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This style of bending allows the bender to produce their element from their own energy, unlike the other three. Fire is originally formed in the body, but firebenders may also manipulate pre-existing flames in the presence of air, water, and earth. Punches and kicks are the primary weapons of choice for firebenders. Firebenders are more powerful during the daylight since their power is derived from the sun. As a result of the Fire Nation’s lust for power, the dragons have been decimated, leaving humanity to learn firebending from them. Take this what Bender are you to clear your doubts.

There are a plethora of Firebending subtypes, each of which poses a significant threat. Positive and negative energy can be separated and then sent out of the body through the fingertips to create lightning. In order to master this kind of bender, the type of bender must have mental and spiritual tranquility. It was developed by studying waterbending movements and is similar to lightning redirection in that it allows the bender to safely let the lightning travel through their body. Lightning redirection demonstrates that a bender’s abilities are limited by merely learning techniques from a single country.

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A mystery variety of firebending is combustion, which allows the bender to control explosions from a third eye tattoo on the forehead. Firebending that involves heating the air around an explosive bolt of energy by collecting chi in the forehead. To far, this method has been used by only a handful of benders. Start what Avatar the last Airbender are you quiz and the results will tell you how are you matched with the bender types.

Anyone who has been given the knowledge and power to use energybending by the famous Lion Turtles can do so as the element’s fifth constituent. Unlike other types of bending, this one requires the performer to remain largely still. Using their spiritual powers, an energybender can influence the spiritual energy of other people, other spirits, and their own. An energybender who successfully performs this style of bending may both give and take their opponent’s bending abilities, as well as project their own spirit into the astral realm.

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