What Anime Power Would You Have?

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Take this What Anime Power Would You Have quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

We learn late in the story One Piece that Devil Fruits aren’t the only source of skills. There is also Haki, which is the power to produce various outcomes using one’s spiritual energy.

For example, it can be used to foresee another person’s moves or to enhance the damage of one’s weaponry. Some people can even utilize Haki to frighten and utterly dominate another person’s will.

A Haki user can even inflict damage on a Logia-type user, who is generally immune to physical strikes unless they come from a greater attribute.

In the Jujutsu Kaisen anime series, cursed energy is the primary source of powers and abilities.

It is thought that cursed energy emerges from human negative emotions and experiences. The capacity to manipulate and utilize one’s cursed energy, on the other hand, can only be trained at a jujutsu educationa institution, such as Tokyo Jujutsu High.

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Cursed energy can be employed for a variety of effects and purposes, including summoning creatures and surrounding one’s own body to defend against harmful strikes. Also, you must try to play this What Anime Power Would You Have quiz.

What Anime Power Would You Have?

Kurapika’s Chains are powerful weapons in Hunter X Hunter, but they come at a high cost.

Kurapika used the Covenant and Restriction to obtain the perfect Nen ability, which allows him to use a deadly weapon and instantly kill any victim as long as that target is a member of the Phantom Troupe—otherwise, he dies.

His chains include the Guiding Chain, Jail Chain, Holy Chain, and Judgment Chain, which are all products of the Nen kinds that Kurapika employs.

In the Chivalry of a Failed Knight anime series, many characters have cool talents, but the protagonist Ikki Kurogane has the coolest and most unusual one.

His talent Blade Steal—later enhanced to Perfect Vision—allows him to adapt to whichever battle he is in. Ikki can overpower any foe with his sword by using his strong senses and battle analysis to mimic and match his opponents.

The anime series Hamatora features skills known as Minimums, which are intrinsic to people known as Minimum Holders.

Nice has the Sonic Minimum ability, which allows him to move at the speed of sound by moving within the sound. Nice’s quick motions are guaranteed to hit any opponent within sound range.

Double Lariat is a Hidden Cloud ninja special move that is most feared in the form of the Ay and Bee combo.

It entails a two-man team attacking the same opponent using Lightning Release: Lariat, trying to snag the target’s neck in order to decapitate them. To deliver a killing blow, the perfect Double Lariat necessitates equal strength from both assailants.

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Most titans in Attack on Titan are dumb titans who can’t transform into humans. There are, however, a small number of Titan Shifters who can morph between human and titan forms.

Every Titan Shifter has a distinct titan form that distinguishes them from ordinary dumb titans, and each Titan Shifter exhibits hints of intellect even while in titan form.

Titan Shifting power can only be obtained when a dumb titan eats and swallows an existing Titan Shifter.

Although Eijiro Kirishima is not the main character in My Hero Academia, his Hardening Quirk is one of the most interesting abilities in the series.

He can use it to harden any portion of his body at will. Hardening can defend him from almost every type of attack, and he can employ hardened body parts offensively (like using his arm as a spear).

He later improves his ability to create a new talent called Red Riot: Unbreakable, which achieves maximum strength hardening and maintains it for a set length of time.

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