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Take this Titanic movie quiz and try to not let the ship sink. Answer all questions and the passengers will survive the trip. Facing the end of the 1997 saga of James Cameron, after the ship has sunk, Jack assists Rose in surviving on a free door. Fortuneless Jack freezes dead on the ocean.

Like a great Sphinx of iron on the floor of the ocean, the Titanic is still facing west.

Titanic movie is a romantic fiction of a wealthy girl and poor boy who meet on the ‘unsinkable’ boat’s bad journey. It is also called “Unsinkable” and on its departure on 10 April 1912 was unsinkable.

Though the third-class Titanic accommodations were far better than the average ship in all accounts, they were still quite rough. According to ABC News, the total number of third-class passengers ranged from 700 to 1 thousand.

There have been 1500 people on the ship, some first-class, others on lower decks with limited windows.

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The White Star Line was in particular a fight for the primacy of steamship with Cunard, a British company with two prominent ships ranked among the most sophisticated of the time.

Titanic quiz

We know that certain things have to happen before the film starts. We have to see and sink the Titanic, and we are convinced that we’re looking at a real ship. A human story – probably a romance – must be about some of the passengers.

Dorothy was sailing on 17 March 1912 with her mother for Europe with a journey not only to the Continent’s capitals but also to Algiers and Egypt. When they arrived in Genoa on 8 April, however, they received a telegram at their hotel to ask Dorothy to go back to America.

When Titanic collides with Iceberg on 14 April 1912, then on April 15, 1912, at 2 am, the ship sinks, Jack dies and Rose survives, and 84 years later Rose tells her granddaughter and his friends the Keldysh story about her life on Titanic and explains the first sight of Jack who comes to l. Rose left her fiancee Caledon Hockley.

Rose returns to Jack with an ax to cut out the handcuffs instead of boarding a lifeboat. Cal finally persuades her to board a lifeboat and assures her that it has been arranged for both men to safely leave the boat. The best Titanic quiz is right in front of you.

Titanic movie

She can’t be there while Jack is suffering because she jumped up from the boat: ‘You sail, I save,’ staying on her mind. Cal’s shooting but missing at both of them. Both escape alive from the shipwreck to the water. Jack assists her at a door that supports only a single person’s weight.

As the sun goes down, Jack slips in the bow and thinks he has lost the woman he loves, when Rose appears after him and reveals she has changed her mind. Jack tells her to close her eyes without saying a second word and guides her to the front of the railings. Rose felt as if she was flying and kissing the two for the first time when she opened her eyes. In 1996, Old Rose showed that Titanic saw the daylight for the last time.

Rose married a man she doesn’t like not on her behalf. She gets bored with her life and was fed with the stuffy rules of her life. If she was born poor only. There are many Titanic tests on the internet but this is the non-skippable one.

Thomas Andrews of Harland and Wolff largely designed the sister ships. The Titanic has a large dining saloon, four elevators, and a swimming pool, as well as adorned decoration. If you want to test your Titanic knowledge, this is the right moment to do it.

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