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Do you remember The Walking Dead characters? Try to answer all the questions in this trivia quiz and beat 80% of the people that played this quiz.

Let’s be frank, nothing completely guaranteed in the TWD universe. While we can expect to explore the planet with good survivors or live in a good, secure environment, we can not guarantee exactly that we will have anything. This is just part of what is, sadly, still surrounded by all these zombies! It would be good both, but if only a good group of survivors or a stable place to live could be assured which one would you choose?

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Although in the sixth season we didn’t meet Negan, we met the group of survivors he leads. What is the name of the Negan group? This TWD quiz is gonna be pretty easy if you are watching the series from the very beginning.

It is certainly important to be safe when the zombies arrive. Everyone wants to make sure that they are in a position that gives them safe shelters and clean water, clothes, and food. Places such as airports or malls undoubtedly sell them, but each has its own advantages. Also, this is probably one of the most engaging quizzes you will play today.

The Walking Dead quiz

Morgan is the first person to contact Rick Grimes in the post-apocalyptic world after he wakes up. He is an old man who lives with his son at home. The two of them are sadly convinced for themselves and their son that he could not take the steps he needed to prevent their wife from becoming a walker after she died. Outside her home, she runs through the streets and often walks up the door to knock on it. Ultimately, his decision about his wife also cost him his son. Can you guess all the characters in this The Walking Dead quiz?

Andrea is a survivor camp member of Atlanta. When an Elder Man in an RV rescued her by bringing them in. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this quiz.

The new TWD season, the eighth, has marked Rick Grimes’ final appearance according to an article by Deadline. Rick does his job as his way to contribute to the Alexandria Safe-Zone internal society as the party moved in before the Apocalypse. What was the pre-apocalyptic work of Rick Grimes?

Since Negan was made up during the sixth season as a villainous presence, we were actually meeting him in the season finale. But before the season 7 opener, we could not yet see the complexity of his characterization and how the character would be presented in comics.

Can you answer all the questions?

Although the majority of characters on the TWD are adults, at various times in the series, there are still many younger characters. Lizzie and Carl are two famous young characters on the show at various times. Carl was a guy we’ve all seen as the son of the main character, Rick Grimes, who grow up in this season. Lizzie was, meanwhile, one of the two survivor daughters who met Rick. Also, we will test your knowledge in this quiz.

When the zombies arrive, it is very important to have things like water and food in life! Without any of them, it will surely be difficult to find protection and concentrate on stopping zombies. Food and water are certainly a priority of TWD as part of what the survivors struggle to find as they try to deal with the world’s zombies. Will you prefer limitless food or water supplies? We plan to make more The Walking Dead quiz in the future.

Glenn is a survivor community member of Atlanta. He was a pizza delivery boy until the end of the planet. His occupation is very similar. She remains a supplies manager and regularly goes to town to seek drugs and other significant supplies, even after the party goes to a farming family. He found love for the daughter of the farm owner and eventually married her.

Shane was a Sheriff’s deputy at the department of King County Sheriff. He was fortunate enough to collaborate with Rick Grimes, his long-standing best friend.

What should you expect from this The Walking Dead quiz

The budget may have not been there to represent the animal with CGI effects because it is a TV show. However, Ezekiel’s character is a major part of the animal, and the show finally gave the character its pet. Which animal Ezekiel has to maintain as an animal? This quiz will help you remember certain details.

Many critics and fans view this moment as one of the darkest moments in the series history. Carol was paired up with Tyreese and a pair of small children, one with the walkers who surrounded her dangerously friendly. What did Carol suggest to young Lizzie to distract her? You must try to play this quiz.

In this way, you might deal with possible dangerous situations when looking for a safe place to stay. If you could choose to have a human as your own bodyguard or to have a zombie, what kind of guard would you choose? But, if you are a fan it should be easy to answer the quiz questions.

To fly the way they do in TWD, you must be pretty spooky around the world with zombies! It would be great to be able to travel quietly so nobody could hear you! It’ll also be very useful to have great speed so you can reach new, safe places very quickly.

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