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Do you have what it takes to beat this The 100 quiz? Try to answer all the questions and beat 80% of the people around the world.

Welcome to the 100, a…place to live series. Well. Yeah. It’s just that. That’s it. In brief, that’s the whole season. The particulars of this nutshell are very seasonally different, but the major mission never shifts in general.

Why a house that is so desperate? Well, 97 years ago, humanity had to raise it up in space, owing to a large nuclear fallout on the earth. They waited since to see if the World was once again habitable and these people didn’t, unlike the pudgy baby-people in Wall-E, have the wealth of billions of dollars or the kindness of robots. The “Ark,” as it is well called, is a much darker version of our dream of “let’s escape outside and wait for all our problems.” See, fruit, air, and other food are dangerously poor after nearly a hundred years and some pretty tough strategies for preserving peace are being enforced. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this quiz.

This leads to our idea and the series name. On the Ark, criminals – besides children – are being ‘floated’ – transported to death. For particular experiments, children are volunteered. Go to Earth and see what it is like. The rest of the people of the Arks will come down and try to make it live if it’s horrible, the kids are dying and there are 100 fewer mouths to feed. Also, we will test your knowledge in this quiz.

The 100 quiz

The epic second season is still dispersed and desperately unified with the cast. As The 100 and Ark’s newcomers are playing their places in a risky, beautiful new world, they face the physical and moral challenges that reinforce society poses. What sort of life are they going to build? And what’s it going to cost you? The searching for this season will challenge them above all else. Heroes are going to be born.

The 100 refugees sent to Earth have been in conflict for two seasons. First by yourself, then by the grounders, and then by mount weather. Many have died along the way. Everyone has lost their innocence. They discovered that there are no heroes or villains in the fight for survival. Just those who live and those who die. But the fight is over now. The Mount Weather war was victorious. And is life more than just survival? You must try to play this The 100 quiz.

About the movie

Unfortunately, your new sense of normalcy is short-lived and your life is still changed. Both old and new challenges are challenging your loyalties. Pushing them to their limits and questioning them about what it really is to be human. They struggled for survival first. Then, for their mates, they fought. They’re going to fight for humanity now…

If you just read all of this and think I just threw a few words into a blender and then placed them randomly into words, frankly, you might be right. Even I no longer know! I don’t even know! The 100 was often unnecessarily complicated — particularly in the later seasons. In seven seasons, so much happened! And I didn’t even enter those Light City of shenanigans, or our precious Lincoln’s cannibalism or fate. Just know you’ve seen something if you stuck with The 100 all seasons.

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the 100 quiz
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