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In “Renfield,” Nicolas Cage’s portrayal of Dracula is just as deliciously and deliriously outrageous as you would want.

Cage gets to sink his fangs into the scenery rather literally as the haughty Prince of Darkness after spending decades metaphorically eating the terrain. His wild-eyed speech is laced with charm to catch us off guard and is full of stunning outbursts and unexpected inflection. 35 years after “Vampire’s Kiss,” he is now totally immersed in the insatiable need of this mythical creature, so it is a natural evolution.

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Even when the movie as a whole is less enjoyable, Cage’s performance—a supporting turn because this picture is really about the titular underling of Dracula—remains continuously engaging. In the role of Renfield, Nicholas Hoult plays the straight man amusingly, playing his character as delightfully frazzled in a traditional Hugh Grant manner with flashes of assertiveness when required to kick ass. He has to do so frequently because “Renfield” combines subtle humour with shockingly brutal violence in a way that is too cartoonish to be frightful or alarming. We’re talking blown-off limbs, exploding skulls, and bloody floods. Generally speaking, this combination works, eliciting equal amounts of gasps and giggles.
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However, Chris McKay’s movie, which was based on a story by Ryan Ridley and Robert Kirkman (“The Walking Dead”), undermines all that enjoyment with weak supporting characters and subplots. In this modern interpretation of a well-known story, Renfield is fed up with being chained to a codependent, poisonous relationship with his narcissistic boss. A close-up of a nametag that reads, “Hello My Name Is Renfield” while he sits in a circle at a self-help meeting is a funny idea from the opening image. And the way these otherworldly characters have been mundanely humanized makes me think of the sardonic humor in “What We Do in the Shadows.” Although “Renfield” was intended to be a feature-length sketch, the bland and underdeveloped material that was supposed to support this story gives the impression.

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But it shows promise. Before revealing that they are currently residing in New Orleans and searching for victims, McKay amusingly inserted Cage and Hoult’s interpretations of these characters into well-known examples of the genre. As Renfield hunts for fresh victims to feed his master and Dracula struggles to regain his full strength, they have established themselves in an abandoned hospital. While Dracula languishes in various states of gooey grotesquerie before resuming his customary flamboyant glory, the makeup and visual effects are impressive throughout.
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Along the way, Renfield learns that a different life—a happy one of his own—is feasible for him, and with the backing of his support group (headed by an appealing Brandon Scott Jones with impeccable timing), he does so. As Renfield tries to shed the Gothic aesthetic that has defined him for the past century, there are many hilarious details in the production and costume design.

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Then, however, he is drawn into a tedious side story about Awkwafina, who plays the only honest cop in New Orleans. Rebecca, the character she plays, is looking for information and revenge after her father, a renowned police officer, passed away. She doesn’t really do anything else, and Camille Chen, who plays her FBI agent sister, does even less. You’ll find Awkwafina’s irritated, no-nonsense style hilarious, and she and Hoult have a fiery chemistry that makes you wish her involvement in the story was more intriguing. As the ambitious, drug-dealing son of a cartel lord (Shohreh Aghdashloo in a paper-thin part and a variety of fantastic power suits), Ben Schwartz similarly gets to be annoying, but that’s about it.
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There is a lot of promise with this cast and this idea. The meta-exploration of Dracula lore with knowledge is frequently pretty clever. And “Renfield” has occasional bursts that are incredibly entertaining. However, when exposed to the harsh sunlight, it shrivels to dust and cannot be examined.

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