Peaky Blinders Quiz: Which Peaky Blinder Are You?


Discover your inner Shelby, or perhaps you’re more of an Inspector Campbell? Our quiz will unveil which Peaky Blinders character resonates with your personality.

The Legend of Peaky Blinders

With a setting of Birmingham following World War I, “Peaky Blinders” tells the compelling story of a family’s ascent to prominence in the grim underbelly of crime. In their pursuit of dominance, the ambitious and cunning Thomas Shelby leads the Shelby family across the perilous waters of politics, crime, and love.

Meet The Central Characters

Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy):

In addition to being a brilliant businessman, Thomas Shelby is a military hero and the crafty and tenacious leader of the Peaky Blinders gang. His desire for the family’s prosperity and his own atonement are frequently entwined, making him a complicated figure who is troubled by his history.

Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson):

The gang’s devoted yet impetuous elder brother of Thomas. He takes comfort in the bottle despite his frequent difficulties with PTSD stemming from his World War I experiences. His commitment to his family is unwavering, despite the fact that it frequently puts him in danger.

Polly Gray (Helen McCrory):

Aunt Polly, the matriarch of the Shelby family, is a formidable individual. She makes sure everything runs well by supervising the family’s businesses, both legitimate and illicit. Her keen intelligence and insight are only equaled by her intense devotion to her family.

John Shelby (Joe Cole):

John, the youngest Shelby sibling, is impetuous but incredibly devoted. He is caught between wanting a more tranquil existence and remaining loyal to his family.

Ada Shelby (Sophie Rundle):

The only Shelby sister, Ada, often finds herself torn between her family’s criminal world and her personal aspirations. Her relationships and pursuits offer a unique perspective on the family’s dynamics.

Discover Your Peaky Personality

Ever felt the charm of Thomas Shelby or the fierce spirit of Polly Gray coursing through you? Perhaps, at times, you’ve felt the loyalty of Arthur or the ambition of Ada. Well, here’s your chance to find out!

Our carefully crafted personality test explores your decisions, habits, and interests, correlating them to the complex traits of the adored Peaky Blinders characters. Are you prepared to explore Birmingham’s streets and discover your actual place in the Shelby family’s hierarchy?

Why Take the Peaky Blinders Quiz

“Peaky Blinders” is an experience as much as a show. You can connect with the series on a deeper level and uncover aspects of your own personality that you may not have known existed by figuring out which character you relate to. You never know, maybe you’ll discover a little Shelby spirit within!


A thrilling ride of love, treachery, ambition, and redemption, “Peaky Blinders” transports us from the gritty alleys of Birmingham to the lavish halls of London’s elite. With their distinct eccentricities and qualities, every character gives this gripping story more depth and complexity. Thus, while you’re binge-watching the upcoming season or are brand-new to the show, don’t forget to take our personality test to discover which Peaky Blinders character you are.

Written By:

Larry Flynn

Larry Flynn is a passionate writer and a devoted fan of television, known for his knack for crafting intriguing questions that test your knowledge, recall, and love for TV shows. Born and raised in the vibrant culture of Canada, Larry's fascination with storytelling and screenwriting has evolved into a dedicated pursuit of creating immersive quiz experiences for TV enthusiasts around the globe.
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