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Knights Of The Zodiac Quiz – Which Character Are You?


Respond to these rapid questions in our Knights Of The Zodiac quiz and we will tell you which Knights Of The Zodiac character you are. Play it now.

In “Zodiac,” a cop and a cartoonist respectively assume the roles of Woodward and Bernstein, making it the “All the President’s Men” of serial killer films. It seems to radiate the stink and provocativeness of the famed Zodiac killings in California, rather than just being “based” on them. The murderer, who went unpunished, gave out so many hints that Sherlock Holmes might have solved the case in his living room. However, it took a newspaper cartoonist who was determined and persistent enough to build a solid case against a man who might have been at fault.

The movie combines elements of a police procedural and a newspaper drama, yet it avoids most of their clichés. Its most remarkable achievement is the years-long accumulation of a baffling labyrinth of facts and suspicions that makes the voyage through this labyrinth terrifying and exciting. I could see myself becoming completely bogged down in the specifics of the Zodiac case, yet director David Fincher (“Seven”) and writer James Vanderbilt navigate the muck with ease. The casting of Laray Mayfield is particularly essential in a movie with so many characters because, like the only eyewitness in the case, we remember a face once we’ve seen it.

The movie begins with a shocking, gruesome killing that is followed shortly by others. Although other deaths have been linked to Zodiac, the authorities are certain he was responsible for five of these. But there won’t be a carnage in this movie. The killer fulfills his job in the first moments of the movie, and the police and reporters try to do their jobs when he starts sending encrypted letters to publications.

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David Toschi (Mark Ruffalo) and William Armstrong (Anthony Edwards) are the case’s two primary inspectors. Toschi, who was well-known in his day, taught Steve McQueen for “Bullitt” and served as the inspiration for Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry. Ruffalo portrays him as a tenacious officer who follows the rules because he believes in the rules rather than as a hotshot. The brutality of the killer and his taunting more intimately wear down Edwards’ persona, his companion.
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The two main characters at the San Francisco Chronicle are editorial cartoonist Robert Graysmith (Jake Gyllenhaal) and ace reporter Paul Avery (Robert Downey Jr., bearded, chain-smoking, and alcoholic). These people actually exist, and the movie is based on Graysmith’s novels about the incident.

The newspaper office’s precision intrigued me. It is often rather quiet, and in those days it was true for a morning newspaper that the workplace started to get warm closer to deadline. The cartoonist, who was expected to prepare a few ideas for presentation in the daily news meeting, and the office alcoholics, who may have been up all night or had already begun their recovery drinking, would have been among the few early arrivals. Indeed, forty years ago, journalists drank at their desks and smoked nonstop.

Knights Of The Zodiac Quiz

When the first cipher shows up, Graysmith is a new member of the crew. He is just like the fresh, enquiring student who is attracted by the big boys’ secrets. He doodles with a copy of the cipher, leading us to believe he will crack it, but he fails to do so. He leaves his beat by listening in on police officers and journalists, befriending the inebriated Avery, and even chatting his way into police evidence rooms. His preoccupation persisted long after the probe had subsided, eventually motivating his wife (Chloe Sevigny) to move themselves and their kids in with her mother. Even after Graysmith appears on TV and begins to hear heavy breathing over the phone, it seems like he is unaware of the danger that he may be inviting into his home.
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Since it only depicts the systematic progression of police work, “Zodiac” avoids chases, shootouts, grandstanding, and false climaxes. The police and Graysmith take weird detours while they do their inquiry, just as Woodward and Bernstein did when they conducted their investigation. We actually worry about Graysmith’s naivete and risk-taking because he is unarmed and a civilian, especially during a journey to a basement that is, in its own way, one of the best moments I’ve ever seen in that vein.

Fincher provides us with times, days, and dates at the bottom of the screen, but these simply serve to emphasize how the case seems to go on forever. Even time-lapse photography captures the construction of the Transamerica structure. A heart-stopping moment when two men simply glance at one another is set off by everything else. It provides a more satisfying conclusion than, say, Dirty Harry killing Zodiac in a stadium.

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You might not immediately think of Fincher as the director to use for this material. The least successful of the Alien films, “Alien 3,” was directed by him in 1992 when he was 30 years old, but it still maintained his signature style (“Alien 3” is one of the best-looking awful pictures I have ever seen). His filmography includes “Se7en” (1995), a superb movie about another serial killer with a pattern to his crimes; “The Game” (1997), starring Michael Douglas in a web designed to crush his ego; “Fight Club” (1999), which most people loved but not me; the ingenious terror of Jodie Foster in “Panic Room” (2002); and now, after a gap of five years, his most contemplative, engaging movie.
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He doesn’t employ nine shots when one would do, and his composition and editing are more classical, suggesting that he is reacting against the slice-and-dice manner of contemporary crime films. We would have been sending our own ciphers to the studio if the identical footage had been run through an Avid to split it into five times as many shots. On top of everything else, Fincher is a sophisticated stylist, and in this case, he finds the appropriate pacing and aesthetic for a tale of perseverance in the face of evil. The best true crime book I’ve read is Blood and Money by Tommy Thompson, but I find true crime books to be frequently fascinating for other reasons as well. Fincher is aware that true crime is not the same genre as crime action. He creates different personalities for each character, as evidenced by the focus on details like Graysmith’s preferred cocktail.

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