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Take this Kibbe body types test to find out what is your Kibbe body type. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

What Is Kibbe Body Types Test?

Kibbe Body Types Test is a 30-question body types quiz that evaluates the balance of your yin (soft, rounded) and yang (sharp, angular) system. Kibbe Body Types is a system to categorize and understand individual body shapes based on various features such as bone structure, height, and flesh distribution. There are 13 main Kibbe Body Types that help people identify their natural lines and styles that best complement their unique features, enhancing their overall appearance and self-expression.

It is your height in relation to your horizontal proportions, but it is not your height itself. To put it another way, it isn’t about your height as much as it is about how tall you appear.

Despite the fact that two people may be the same height in inches, one may appear to be much taller. As for the vertical line, the shorter it is the shorter the person appears.

Below, you can see this in action. Take a look at each image separately. Angelina Jolie, pictured on the left, appears to be a tall lady. Our best assessment for her height would be that she is taller than the typical American. While looking at Katy Perry, it’s likely we’d think she was average-sized or slightly shorter. Although both women have similar heights in terms of inches, they are not exactly the same height. Angelina, on the other hand, appears to be taller than Katy.

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So, where does the difference originate from, and what does it mean? Your height will increase if you have a tiny head relative to the rest of your body. The situation is worse if you have broad shoulders.

Kibbe body types quiz

You will appear shorter if you have a large head compared to the rest of your body and/or thin shoulder blades.

Yin and yang equilibrium is a major component of the Kibbe body types (feminine and masculine energy).

It is determined by a person’s physical traits (and psychological essence) where they fall on the Kibbe spectrum (or Kibbe image identity type). For each Kibbe body type, there are specific recommendations for personal appearances, such as dress choices, hairstyles, and makeup. The goal is to achieve a whole, unified appearance with makeup.

However, they aren’t really “bodies” as such, but rather “types.” They are referred to as archetypes in Kibbe’s work. A person’s overall appearance is taken into account when compiling these style recommendations, rather than traditional body classifications (apple, pear, etc). As a result of this, I shall refer to Kibbe’s archetypal system in this article as the Kibbe body type system. Also, you must try to play this Kibbe body types quiz.

In comparison to more traditional theories, Kibbe’s theory has the main advantage of focusing on the positive aspects of the body. Plastic surgery, for example, can radically alter your body’s natural lines.

About the quiz

Long and slender lines give the Dramatic Kibbe body type a macho, powerful image. Focus on reproducing this length and sharpness in your garment lines.

Keep your eyes peeled for crisp vertical lines and a little tailoring for added sharpness! Trousers, dresses, and coats that are long and straight are fantastic. The long vertical line should be highlighted by a clean, straight silhouette with few details and minimal color blocking. The ideal color schemes for you are those that are monochromatic.

Triangles, rectangles, and anything else sculpted, sleek, and elongated with precise corners should be the overall shape of your apparel.

Although it has angular bones and a similar length to the pure Dramatic body type, the Soft Dramatic body type is rounder in appearance due to its body flesh and facial characteristics, giving it a more feminine appearance.

This means that your clotheslines should be clean and long but with a touch of softness provided through draped lines and waist focus. It is also possible to enhance softness by using large flower and watercolor images. Drapey, lightweight materials are wonderful choices.

Ideally, your outfit should have a broad, sharp, rounded shape. To produce a T-shape, make the shoulder area of your body large and voluminous with an elongated form. Color blocking is not necessary if you have a lengthy vertical line. Keep the quantity of detail to a minimum.

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