‘John Wick’ Quiz: Which ‘Chapter 4’ Character Are You?


In this ‘John Wick’ quiz you will find out which John Wick: Chapter 4 character are you. Play the most accurate ‘John Wick’ quiz and get your character.

John Wick quiz is very popular because it can match you with the character from the movies John Wick that fits your personality the best in 30 questions. In John Wick: Chapter 4, a returning Keanu Reeves is supported by a sizable, star-studded supporting ensemble of badasses. The fourth adrenaline-pumping installment of the John Wick series finds the titular character starting his dangerous global crusade to overthrow the High Table. In the highly detailed criminal underworld of the John Wick universe, new cast members can appear as assassins or High Table officials. One of John Wick’s few friends or one of his numerous enemies can be played by a new cast member.

Which Are The Possible Characters that you can get in this Scream 6 Quiz?

There are many characters that you can get in this Scream 6 quiz. Here are some of them:

Actor NameCharacter Name
Keanu ReevesJohn Wick
Laurence FishburneThe Bowery King
Donnie YenCaine
Bill SkarsgårdThe Marquis De Gramont
Hiroyuki SanadaShimazu
Shamier AndersonThe Tracker
The characters that you can get in this John Wick quiz

Which John Wick character are you quiz will tell if you are one of the John Wick, Bowery King, Caine, or Marquis De Gramont after you give honest answers to all questions. In addition to bringing back some well-known actors from the previous films, such as Lance Reddick and Laurence Fishburne, John Wick: Chapter 4’s stellar company also welcomes newcomers Donnie Yen and Bill Skarsgrd to the John Wick cast. In John Wick: Chapter 4, more new characters than ever before will be joining the cast of the series. With a lengthier running time than any of its predecessors, this installment takes John to more exotic locations. This gives the film plenty of chances to add new characters to the cast.

Before you take the ‘John Wick’ quiz, you should prepare about John Wick characters by watching the thriller film John Wick. If you don’t know how to find it, try to search for how to watch John Wick online free and you will find some answers including Reddit.

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John Wick Quiz

In John Wick quiz you will need to answer questions about Keanu Reeves who plays the titular character once more. John, also known as “Baba Yaga,” is a notorious figure in the criminal underground and a former hitman who is being sought after by the High Table. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure served as Reeves’ breakthrough part, and his dramatic performance in My Own Private Idaho earned him additional praise. He gained notoriety as an action star in the 1990s thanks to roles in the Matrix series, Speed, and Point Break. The success of the John Wick series has given Reeves’ career new life.

When they were both left for dead, John Wick and “The Bowery King,” an underground crime lord, teamed up to fight the High Table. Laurence Fishburne reprises his character from the first two John Wick sequels in this one. When Fishburne portrayed the role of Morpheus in the Matrix trilogy, they previously worked together. Additionally, Fishburne portrayed Tyrone “Mr. Clean” Miller in Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now and Jason “Furious” Styles in John Singleton’s Boyz n the Hood. He received an Oscar nod for Best Actor for his work in What’s Love Got to Do With It as Ike Turner.

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Which John Wick Character Are You?

In Which John Wick Character Are You Quiz, you will need to answer questions about Donnie Yen who makes his John Wick franchise début as Caine, a visually impaired High Table agent and a longtime friend of John’s. Donnie Yen, one of Hong Kong’s most well-known action movie actors, is attributed with introducing mixed martial arts (MMA) into popular martial arts films. He is best recognized for his role as Ip Man in the Ip Man film series. With his roles in American blockbusters like Commander Tung in Disney’s live-action Mulan remake and Chirrut Îmwe in the Star Wars prequel spinoff Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Yen became well-known all over the globe.

In John Wick: Chapter 4, Bill Skarsgrd plays the Duke de Gramont, a significant figure in the High Table group. The Marquis is “the one in command of cleaning up all the messes from the first three movies,” according to director Chad Stahelski (via Collider). Skarsgrd is best remembered for his roles as Keith Toshko in Barbarian and Pennywise the Dancing Clown in It. In the quotable Netflix true-crime drama series Clark, he also played the title character of Swedish criminal Clark Olofsson, one of the perpetrators of the Norrmalmstorg robbery.

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How To Play John Wick Quiz: Which John Wick Character Are You?

In John Wick: Chapter 4, Hiroyuki Sanada plays Shimazu, the manager of the Continental Hotel’s Osaka location and another longtime friend of John’s. Shimazu enters the cast of John Wick. Sanada’s performances as Ujio in The Last Samurai, Kenji in Rush Hour 3, and Scorpion in the 2021 Mortal Kombat film have made him the most well-known actor in the world. He previously featured alongside Reeves in the action fantasy epic 47 Ronin, and he made a short cameo in Avengers: Endgame as Akihiko, a yakuza boss who was killed by Hawkeye.

In John Wick: Chapter 4, Shamier Anderson portrays “The Tracker,” one of the many enigmatic assassins out to kill John, in a supporting role. The Tracker is “a character that exists in the gray area between the two worlds: the Wick world and the actual world,” director Chad Stahelski told Collider. Anderson earlier portrayed Jesse Owens’ track and field rival Eulace Peacock in the biopic Race and Deputy Marshal Xavier Dolls in Wynonna Earp. In Halle Berry’s debut feature film as a director, Bruised, he also played a promoter of MMA fights alongside Berry.

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How Accurate Is John Wick Quiz: Which Character Are You?

Charon, the hotel concierge at the New York Continental and one of John’s closest friends, is played by Lance Reddick once again in this installment of the John Wick series. Reddick is best known for his television performances as Chief Irvin Irving in Bosch, Special Agent Phillip Broyles in Fringe, and former police commissioner-turned-defense lawyer Cedric Daniels in The Wire. On the big screen, Reddick portrayed Guillermin, the head of Monarch in Godzilla vs. Kong, as well as Secret Service Director David Gentry in Angel Has Fallen, in addition to his recurring part in the John Wick series.

As Winston Scott, the manager of the Continental Hotel’s New York location, Ian McShane is returning in the John Wick movie. John shot Winston, an old buddy of his, off the hotel roof at the conclusion of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. McShane is best recognized for his television performances as Mr. Wednesday in Starz’s American Gods and the title character in BBC’s Lovejoy, Al Swearengen in HBO’s Deadwood, and Lovejoy. He played Teddy Bass in Sexy Beast, Frank, Rod’s stepfather in Hot Rod, and Blackbeard, the villain, in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, among other parts.

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