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Hypnotic Quiz – Which Character Are You?


Respond to these rapid questions in our Hypnotic quiz and we will tell you which Hypnotic character you are. Play it now.

The thriller “Hypnotic” explores the potentially harmful effects of hypnosis, but is it compelling enough to stay in your mind even a week after you’ve seen it? Thanks primarily to a crazy-eyed, licking-his-chops performance from Jason O’Mara, this sleek and cheesy Netflix film only sometimes lives up to the potential of its outrageous premise. He is fully aware of the type of material at hand. Although “Hypnotic” is often dopey, it is never quite dopey enough.

A lady named Jenn, who is in flux, is portrayed by veteran horror actress Kate Siegel in “Hypnotic,” which is not to be confused with the Ben Affleck/Robert Rodriguez film of the same name that is now in production. She recently split up with her longtime lover (Jaime M. Callica), a software engineer without a job, and she is now stuck. She doesn’t dress in the pricey loungewear that has grown popular during the pandemic, but instead sports baggy, mismatched sweats the entire day, so we know she is depressed.

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Jenn meets Dr. Collin Meade, Gina’s therapist, at a housewarming celebration for Gina (Lucie Guest). The fact that he is mingling so freely with his patients ought to be our first warning sign about him, followed by his fondness for wearing turtlenecks with blazers. O’Mara, who has portrayed Batman in multiple animated DC Comics films, is quietly alluring, and Jenn chooses to go see him for a session in order to work through her problems. A split diopter shot and the obscene black-and-silver office decor are early clues that Dr. Meade’s intentions might not be fully sincere. They also show that Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote, the directors, have seen a lot of Brian De Palma films.
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While under hypnosis, an hour seems to pass in a matter of minutes, and when Jenn wakes up, she immediately feels unmoored. Dr. Meade gurgles, “I think you might be more open to suggestibility than you imagined,” with a twinkle in his eye. But she begins to wonder when she finds herself suddenly unable to explain lengthy periods of time and when unfortunate events affect others close to her. She hilariously Googles the term “hypnosis crimes” while acting as a wannabe detective, copies out the findings, and uses them to convince Gina, who is skeptic, of her point.

Hypnotic Quiz

Dr. Meade, meanwhile, has a talent for being everywhere and follows Jenn about, gaslighting her with tactful solutions to all of her worries and further mucking with her head. a discrete As the Portland police detective who has been looking into Meade’s patients and the premature deaths that so many of them seem to experience for years, Dule Hill doesn’t get much of a role to play. He doesn’t have a cell phone charger in his car, which is also convenient (and unusual) and makes him unreachable at a crucial time.
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You wish the filmmakers had probed what’s really happening since it’s so absurdly basic and would have made for more screaming-at-the-screen fun. There are countless options for what Dr. Meade is doing here, and they have previously served as the basis for more intriguing psychological thrillers. (Sorry, I can’t name those titles without giving too much away.) Richard D’Ovidio authored the screenplay for “The Call,” a 2013 movie starring Halle Berry as a 911 operator on the hunt for a kidnapper. Angel and Coote adapted it for their own film. That was a genuinely frightening B-movie with multiple risk-taking action scenes and a determined female at its core who was laser-focused on her objective. Nothing nearly as gripping happens in “Hypnotic.” Siegel’s performance up to the hectic, loud finale consists mainly of her responding to what is being done to her. Beyond her physical attributes, which are essential to Dr. Meade’s attraction to Jenn, she doesn’t have much of a personality. She eventually returns to her apartment and curls up on the couch after realizing that he is after her and that she is in risk of losing her life.

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However, you’ll likely be in the same situation when you’re browsing Netflix and come across “Hypnotic.” Get your bearings.
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