Horror Movies Quiz: Name All Of Them Part 1

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Do you have what it takes to beat this horror movies quiz? Try to answer all the questions and beat 80% of the people around the world.

It has been a movie from the very beginning because of the significant psychological and social topics explored by this genre. The popularity of the genre in films has increased and declined over the years, but in the last two decades, particularly at the box offices, has increased meteorically. While evolving over the years to represent the hopes and tabus of society. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this quiz.

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Another development of this genre has addressed deep-seated psychological elements that continue to fascinate themselves with the supernatural and tedious temptation of unexplained damage. Since these films proliferate full of nuances and sometimes combined with shocking comedy, or thinking twists and turns, genre fans and slash films constantly have an abundance of well-designed work from all over the planet. Fans may actually think they know all about that genre, but this contest is based on one screenshot and requires a genuine buff.

Horror movies quiz

After years of shooting, the film got a new director and some changes in the script. Even if the book of the cinema is based on the specifics of events in the late 1950s. The terrifying journey with the bad main character in the late 1980s begins with this recent film adaptation. What film from a book follows an ancient group of children in their little city?

In a 2007 color version of this movie, the director preferred the 2008 Blu-Ray black and white version. It presents frightening and alarming creatures, but it investigates how people respond under intense stress to their situations. Which film sets bad monsters out of a fog to devastate the psyches of those stuck in a shop? Also, we will test your knowledge in this quiz.

This discovered film hires a young alchemy scholar from the Catacombs in Paris in search of the legendary material called philosopher’s stone to hire her ex-friend. A cameraman, a French native guide, and two French companions. Unfortunately, they are being trespassed by a policeman and pushed into the Catacombs to rush through a tunnel. Behind them, the tunnel collapses and is stuck.

About the movie

Famous college student Laura welcomes a mysterious girlfriend’s offer. And is sorry for her because she has no friends with Facebook. Laura attempts to make a friend, but finally does not feel comfortable with the obsessive actions of the girl and does not friend her. She finds herself suddenly defending her friends from a wicked person who wants her to feel like being alone. You must try to play this quiz.

Pauline is a young high school student who dreams of a medical career. She also has visions of sanguinary carnal sequences concerning her relatives and high school pupils. She is a pariah at school because of this and other perturbing behavior. Her overly-controlled mother, whom she desperately seeks acceptance, often rejects and criticizes in her home. In reality, she’ll go drastic to get it. So badly.

When a family returns from a 10-day holiday, they are taken prisoner by intruders. They are forced to play a game that could lead to fatal results. As the game unfolds and more rules become apparent, the family discovers that its captors broadcast their torture live to foreign audiences.

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horror movies quiz
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