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There hasn’t yet been a subpar horror film with the moniker “Evil Dead” in the history of horror series, which is a remarkable accomplishment. There have only been five “Evil Dead” films over the period of more than forty years, largely due to the fact that the series’ creator Sam Raimi is selective about who he lets play with his cool, blood-soaked infant. However, “Evil Dead” also works because of how straightforward its premise is—with the obviously insane “Army of Darkness” exception.

“Evil Dead Rise,” the most recent installment in the series, was created by Irish writer-director Lee Cronin, whose 2019 feature debut “The Hole in the Ground” likewise deals with mommy issues and sinkholes. Compared to Raimi’s live-action cartoons, Cronin’s gritty sensibility is considerably more similar to that of remake director Fede Alvarez. He does, however, have one important thing in common with Raimi, namely a devilish imagination.

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Although the marketing for the movie centers on a crucial scene involving a cheese grater, “Evil Dead Rise” is full of artistic carnage. Name a type of severe bodily harm, and this movie has it: eye trauma, hand trauma, vomit, bugs, shattered glass, broken bones, decapitation, dismemberment, stab wounds, shotgun blasts, sharp things going straight through the soft palate and out the back of someone’s head. Thousands and thousands of litres of blood were used in all, enough to reenact the elevator scene from “The Shining” and cover two of the leads from head to toe for the whole last 20 minutes of the film.
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The setting of this movie changes from a group of buddies hanging out in a cabin in the woods to a family residing in a dilapidated apartment complex in the heart of Los Angeles. Early in the movie, when single mother Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) becomes possessed by a Deadite, what follows is made even more horrifying because Ellie is tormenting her own children both physically and psychologically. Although her youngest child, Kassie (Nell Fisher), is also quite young, the fact that her siblings, Danny (Morgan Davies) and Bridget (Gabrielle Echols), are teenagers does not lessen the pain of their destinies. A good “Evil Dead” movie should be a demanding experience, and “Evil Dead Rise” achieves this by extracting a lot of sicko juice from violence directed at children.

Evil Dead Rise Quiz

The film’s departures from the traditional “cabin in the woods” format require extra time and exposition, which threatens to upset the simplicity of the original “Evil Dead” films. This is mainly a problem in the first act, which also has to include Ellie’s rocker sister Beth (Lily Sullivan) and an earthquake that creates a hole in the parking garage floor. Danny finds an old safe deposit box filled with mysterious records in this hole, and this sets off the events that come next. One of many confusing aspects “Evil Dead Rise” has to work out before it can get to the exciting stuff is that the structure was once a bank.
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However, “Evil Dead Rise” doesn’t let up once it gets going. This is the kind of loud, exuberant, packed-house, midnight movie, and at its SXSW debut, the audience let out a lot of screaming, cheering, and genuine cries of horror. Cronin brazenly punctuates this drenching bloodbath with jump scares and “look behind you!”-style jokes, and one moment in particular in the film’s roller coaster-like middle is guaranteed to cause a lot of screaming at the screen in multiplexes around the world.

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This movie’s flaws include the following: The cold open is so strange that a scene is added at the end of the film to explain it, and the pregnant subplot plays like it was written by a man, which it was. But it does accomplish a lot, especially in terms of its physical performances—think challenging rigging devices and horrifying prosthetic makeups—and bloody gore, for a cast that is relatively unknown and directed by someone with little experience. “Evil Dead Rise” is an enormous delight once it gets out of its own way and offers the audience what they came to see.
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This review was submitted from the SXSW Film Festival’s world premiere. At this time, “Evil Dead Rise” is showing in theaters.

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