Does Usopp Use Haki? What Is The Truth


Yes. Up to now, on July 17, 2023, Usopp can use Observation Haki. We will update regularly to tell you whether Usopp will be able to unlock the other powerful Hakis

In the world of One Piece, Haki is a mysterious yet pervasive force that enables people to display special talents like the ability to see spiritual energy and to overwhelm foes. Several members of the Straw Hat crew, including the team’s sniper Usopp, have access to Haki.

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Usopp’s Skills: A Remarkable Sniper

Usopp has an amazing range of skills despite being less physically gifted than other Straw Hat crew members. He is an expert marksman, able to hit targets with amazing precision at great distances. He is a skilled mechanic and inventor who has created a variety of innovative weapons for use in battle.

The Awakening: Usopp and Observation Haki

Usopp has Observation Haki, a type of Haki that allows him to detect the presence, power, and emotions of others, albeit it was formerly unknown. When Usopp was able to detect the auras of Luffy, Law, and Sugar from a few kilometers away during the Dressrosa Arc, this power first became apparent. Despite its sudden appearance, Usopp’s abilities and his duty as a sniper in the Straw Hat crew perfectly complemented this incarnation of Haki.

Implications of Usopp’s Haki Ability

Usopp’s character and powers get a whole new level of complexity with the use of Observation Haki. Being able to detect people from a great distance as a sniper is really helpful and basically increases his already impressive precision. Usopp’s realization of this talent also highlights how, over the One Piece series, he has developed both as a warrior and as a character.

A Pivotal Moment: Dressrosa Arc

Usopp was crucial in the Dressrosa Arc’s victory over the Donquixote Pirates. His activation of the Observation Haki during the conflict was a turning point that not only marked his personal development but also significantly aided the Straw Hat Pirates’ triumph. The Dressrosa Arc is a turning point in Usopp’s power growth, and the changes it brought about in Usopp’s combat abilities serve to underscore the significance of this event.

Haki and Usopp: Future Prospects

The opportunities for Usopp’s development now that he can employ Haki are practically endless. He will grow even more powerful within the Straw Hat team as he masters the use of his Observation Haki. It is possible that Usopp will find inventive methods to incorporate his Haki into his sniper and combat techniques given his resourcefulness and imagination. Usopp might become one of the most potent snipers in the One Piece universe when his sniping skills are combined with his newly discovered Haki.


Haki has been instrumental in influencing the skills and potential of many characters in the expansive One Piece universe. Usopp, the sniper for the Straw Hat team, is not an exception. He has overcome his prior restrictions thanks to the awakening of his Observation Haki and has become an important crew member. Fans can anticipate an even more dynamic and thrilling character development as Usopp continues to perfect his Haki and combine it with his amazing sniping abilities.

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