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Bang Chan Quiz – How Well You Know Bang Chan


Take this Bang Chan quiz to find out how well you know the K-pop star. This is the most interesting trivia quiz you will find on the Stray Kids member.

Leader of the K-pop group Stray Kids, Bang Chan

The band’s name is Stray Kids, and its leader is Bang Chan, a South Korean boy band. He is the group’s leader, a producer, a singer-songwriter, and is renowned for his mesmerizing voice.

Bang Chan, who was born in Sydney, Australia, on October 3, 1997, grew up in a musical family. His parents supported him in pursuing his goals of being a professional musician as they were both vocalists. At the age of five, he started taking piano lessons, and by the time he was 10, he had enrolled in a music school. He participated in a number of musical competitions and was a member of a choir.

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About Bang Chan Early Carrer Quiz

Bang Chan relocated to South Korea in 2011 to pursue his K-Pop star aspirations. In 2012, he was admitted into the JYP Entertainment trainee program and started his training there. He was chosen as one of the nine participants in the K-Pop group Stray Kids in 2017.

The members of Stray Kids and fans alike have complimented the group’s leader, Bang Chan, for his leadership abilities. He is in charge of the team’s artistic direction and is frequently seen offering counsel and direction to his other members. He is an accomplished lyricist who has contributed to the group with songs like “Hellevator,” “MIROH,” and “God’s Menu.”

Bang Chan is a solo artist in addition to being the leader of Stray Kids. In 2019, he made “Solo” the premiere of his solo music. The song received favorable reviews from reviewers and enjoyed financial success, reaching its highest position on the Gaon Digital Chart at number three. Since then, he has made a number of other singles available, such as “What,” “Dance the Night Away,” and “Adult Ceremony.”

Bang Chan is a committed philanthropist as well. He has contributed to a number of causes, including the Gangwon forest fire victims and the Sewol Ferry tragedy victims. He has been hailed for his generosity and good disposition and takes part in numerous charity activities and fundraisers.

Bang Chan is a supremely gifted musician and leader, and it is impossible to deny that he had an impact on Stray Kids. He is an enthusiastic and committed artist who puts his whole being into what he does. Millions of followers throughout the world find inspiration in him, and his professional career is just getting started.

Bang Chan Questions

  1. His zodiac sign is…?

A) Taurus
B) Libra
C) Pisces
D) Aquarius

  1. His nickname/nicknames is/are….

A) Kangaroo and Fennec Fox
B) Kangaroo and Koala
C) Kangaroo
D) Fennec Fox

  1. What is his position in Stray Kids?

A) Dancer
B) Vocalist
C) Leader
D) Lead Rapper

  1. How tall is he?

A) 171 cm
B) 170 cm
C) 169 cm
D) 175 cm

  1. He is in a pre-debut group called….

A) Siracha

  1. When was he born?

A) October 3, 1997
B) October 23, 1997
C) November 3, 1997
D) September 3, 1997

  1. His favorite season is…

A) Spring
B) Winter
C) Autumn
D) Summer

  1. What is his blood type?

A) A
B) B
C) O

  1. How many languages does he speak?

A) 1
B) 4
C) 3
D) 2

  1. He joined JYP in…?

A) 2014
B) 2013
C) 2010
D) 2011

Written By:

Antje Schmitt

Meet Antje Schmitt, a passionate writer and a devoted celebrity enthusiast known for her ability to craft engaging and intriguing questions that delve deep into the lives of the rich and famous. Born and raised in the heart of Germany, Antje's fascination with the world of celebrities has evolved into a dedicated mission to create immersive quiz experiences for fans worldwide.
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