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Take this Are You Anna Or Elsa Quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

A king and queen in the kingdom of Arendelle give birth to two daughters. Elsa, the oldest daughter, is born with the ability to generate and control ice and snow. Anna, the youngest daughter, has no magical abilities. Elsa’s parents decide to imprison her in the castle until she can learn to manage her powers after accidentally harming Anna one night. This keeps Elsa locked up in her room for the rest of her youth, and Anna, without a sibling, wonders why she won’t come out and play.

When Elsa reaches the age of majority, the kingdom prepares for her coronation by organizing a massive coronation ceremony. Anna, overjoyed to be allowed to leave the castle, meets a charming visiting prince, Prince Hans, and decides to marry him after only a few minutes. When Elsa hears the news, she denies Anna her blessing, and her powers grow stronger as her emotions rise.

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Elsa escapes the country, burying Arendelle in ice and snow and leaving the crown vacant. Anna decides to set out into the wilderness to find her sister and bring her home, with the assistance of a working-class man named Kristoff, while Elsa finally learns to embrace her powers for the first time, constructing a massive ice castle far from the kingdom, where she can live happily in isolation. When Anna eventually catches up with Elsa, she must choose between attempting to make things right and remaining with her family and avoiding society’s constraints and judgments.

Are You Anna Or Elsa Quiz

While the two sisters are playing, tiny Elsa accidentally smacks Anna in the head with an ice blast. Anna is cured by magical woodland trolls, but their parents decide that Elsa must hide her powers until she learns to control them. They also remove Anna’s memory of Elsa’s power without explaining why Elsa must avoid her. Also, you must try to play this Are You Anna Or Elsa Quiz.

First Plot Point: After spending most of their childhoods apart, Anna and Elsa reunite at Elsa’s coronation party years later. Elsa is worried that her powers may be revealed because she is forced to interact with others for the first time in years. Anna, on the other hand, is overjoyed to have visitors in the palace and even more so to speak with Elsa again. Elsa, on the other hand, quickly returns to being cold and aloof, upsetting Anna. Anna spends the rest of the celebration with Prince Hans, who is charming. Hans proposes marriage to Anna just hours after they meet, and she immediately accepts.

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First Pinch Point: When Elsa refuses to bless Anna and Hans’ marriage and abruptly stops the festivities, Anna loses her rage and tears off one of Elsa’s magic-controlling gloves. Elsa is enraged by Anna’s harsh words and strikes out–inadvertently shooting ice from her bare hand, revealing her powers to everyone in the room. Elsa escapes the kingdom, leaving a path of ice in her wake, triggering an unending winter. Anna pursues Elsa, determined to bring her back and put an end to the winter.

Midpoint: Anna arrives at Elsa’s ice palace with the assistance of Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven. She tries to persuade Elsa to return to Arendelle and stop the unending winter. Elsa, who was oblivious of the impending winter until this point, panics and accidently strikes Anna in the heart with her magic. She drags Anna and the others away from the ice castle, still thinking that she must keep her distance from humans in order to prevent harming them.

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