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Take this Are You A Karen Quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Domino’s Pizza had to apologize earlier this week for a promotion it ran in Australia and New Zealand that offered free pizza to “good Karens.”

The name Karen was not chosen at random by the firm. “Karen” has become a popular meme in recent years, referring to a specific type of middle-class white lady who exhibits privileged behaviors.

To offer some instances, “Karen” is linked with the type of person who asks to “talk to the manager” in order to humiliate service sector workers, is anti-vaccination, and engages in racist micro-aggressions such as touching black people’s hair.

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However, a recurring element of the “Karen” stereotype is that they use their relative advantages against people of color, such as when filing police reports against black persons for trivial or, in many cases, fictional infractions.

In recent months, the meme has morphed into something entirely new: Coronavirus Karen. This Karen refuses to wear a face mask in public, refuses to comply with quarantine, and believes the pandemic is overstated.

Are You A Karen Quiz

However, as the meme has gained popularity, some critics have said that it is sexist and ageist.

Where did the meme originate?
Although the actual roots of the meme are unknown, it became popular a few years ago as a method for people of color, particularly black Americans, to satirize the class-based and racially motivated animosity they frequently confront. Also, you must try to play this Are You A Karen Quiz.

As it got simpler to video conflicts on our cellphones during the last decade, incidences began to be documented on camera and published to social media with considerably more ease – for example, a mother called the police when a black eight-year-old child was selling water without a permit.

When these films went viral, individuals on the internet gave the culprits ordinary names that fit the situation.

“Permit Patty” was the name given to the woman who complained about the young water vendor. “BBQ Becky” was the name of another woman who called the cops when a black family was having a barbecue. And “Golfcart Gail” was a white woman who called 911 on a black father at a football game while sitting in a golf cart.

This trend really took off in 2018, and all of these names were eventually condensed down to one or two of the most popular – including Karen.

It also became associated with a certain form of hairdo, namely the short, choppy cut worn by US reality TV actress Kate Gosselin in 2010. (Gosselin’s hairstyle has subsequently changed.)

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In recent months, a male equivalent of the Karen meme, though less popular, has emerged: Ken. When rich couple Patricia and Mark McCloskey were photographed pointing firearms at demonstrators passing by their St. Louis, Missouri, house in June, they were called “Karen and Ken.”

What exactly is a ‘Coronavirus Karen’?
In this pandemic, the use of facial coverings has been particularly politically controversial in the United States, with some claiming that mandated use is an affront to human liberty.

Since the coronavirus emerged in the country, footage of people refusing to wear facial covers in stores and restaurants has gone viral on social media, often berating service employees.

The aggressive refusal to wear a face mask to help protect others from the illness has been interpreted as a new variation of the caricature of the entitled Karen who harasses service industry personnel. People that spread coronavirus misinformation and conspiracy theories on social media are also referred to as Karens.

Covid-19 has become a racially sensitive issue in the United States, as it has in the United Kingdom. People of color and other ethnic minorities are disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

Some people’s failure to acknowledge the virus’s risks and to be insulated from these risks by their white privilege has also been interpreted as “Karen” behavior.

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