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Take this Alpha Or Omega Quiz to find out which one are you. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

What Exactly Is an Omega Male?
You may have heard the term “omega male” recently. What exactly is an omega male (as opposed to an alpha or beta male)?

How do you define an omega male based on male characteristics? Is it a good or bad thing to be an omega male?

We’re dissecting it.

Male Omega Definition
According to Urban Dictionary, Reddit, Buzzfeed, and other obscure internet forums:

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An omega male is the polar opposite of an alpha male, though both are equally cool and confident.

Whereas an alpha male is extroverted and the “leader of the pack,” an omega male is more introverted and not afraid to do his own thing and make his own rules in life.

Alpha Male vs. Omega Male vs. Beta Male
Some people believe that being an omega male is a good thing, while others believe it is a bad thing.

Many people believe that the omega male is superior to the alpha male because the omega male does not require a crowd to feel good about himself and is more free-thinking. Also, you must try to play this Alpha Or Omega Quiz.

Alpha Or Omega Quiz

Others claim that some men use the term “omega male” as an excuse to be a loner or to avoid “making something of himself.” Their criticism is based on the idea that an omega male is simply a failed alpha male.

According to an IGN user, here are all the different types of males.

Alpha: You are self-assured and assertive. You do your own thing and are completely confident in what you do. You have doubts about yourself, but you don’t let them cloud your judgment and logic. You are liked by almost everyone, and you have a natural charm and swagger about you. Women are drawn to you because of your charisma and presence. You enjoy being social and having a large group of people around you. You have a natural ability to lead.

beta: You’re shy and introverted, and you’re not very confident in yourself. You are constantly plagued by insecurities and self-doubts, and you can never commit to anything because you are afraid of failing. People like you, but they tend to look at you condescendingly, and women tend to friendzone you. You are anxious around other people and in social situations because you are constantly afraid that people will judge you. You are a natural follower.

About the quiz

You are the polar opposite of the alpha male but in a positive way. You, like the alpha male, are confident, intelligent, and charismatic, but unlike the alpha male, you are completely your own person. You don’t need anyone, and your complete self-possession allows you to be emotionally distant. You have few people you trust and even fewer intimate relationships. Omegas are uninterested in being led by others because they are perfectly capable of leading themselves.

You are the “invisible” guy, gamma male. There’s nothing particularly remarkable about you. You’re not a beta, but you’re also not an alpha. Usually, your personality and presence blend in with the rest of the room, and you’re just sort of…there. People like you fine, and you don’t have much trouble with girls, but there’s nothing particularly memorable or remarkable about you. You are neither a natural leader nor a natural follower, though you can take on those roles depending on the situation.

Sigma male, you are a cunning manipulator. You are a spider preparing to lay your web. You have a cunning, intuitive mind and can persuade others to your way of thinking. You don’t have the casual swagger of the alpha or omega, but you do have a clever presence about you, and people are both wary of and respectful of you for it. Because of your ability to persuade and manipulate them, you can often be more powerful than the alpha or omega male in social situations. You are neither a follower nor a leader; rather, you are a wild card.

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