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Take this 365 Days Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

When Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes’ smash hit “365 Days” arrived on Netflix in the summer of 2020, it offered the streamer something unique: its own spin on “Fifty Shades of Grey,” complete with paper-thin plots, allegedly kinky sex, and a popular book series that included two more books ripe for the film treatment. Two years later, the popular — but divisive — film series continues with its first sequel, a nearly two-hour affair that not only pushes the boundaries of tasteful entertainment, but simply steamrolls right over them in service of an even more problematic outing that’s alternately hilarious and boring. Isn’t it sexy?

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The first film by Bialowas and Mandes stayed true to the material provided by the author (and co-screenwriter) Blanka Lipinska: a bored Polish hotel worker (Anna Maria Sieklucka as Laura) becomes the object of obsession for a sexy, if seriously messed up, mafioso named Massimo (Michele Morrone). Massimo’s desire for Laura, which began when he saw her on a beach before his father was murdered in front of his eyes (that old story), eventually leads to the mob don tracking her down, kidnapping her, and vowing to imprison her for 365 days until she falls in love with him. Also, you must try to play this 365 Days Quiz.

365 Days Quiz

Say what you want about the plot — that it’s gross, violent, rape-y, misogynistic, and everything else! — but in the world of “365 Days,” it all worked out exactly as Massimo planned. Laura first resists, then does not. The two falls in love, have vigorous sex in various locations, and decide to spend the rest of their lives together, regardless of good taste or common sense. Then comes the shocking ending: Laura is (possibly) murdered by Massimo’s enemies, and the film ends with her life hanging in the balance.

“365 Days” didn’t care about narrative conventions, and neither does “365 Days: This Day,” which opens with a very-much-alive Laura, decked out in a sexy wedding gown and the worst dye job you’ve ever had seen, ready to walk down the aisle with Massimo. But not before a healthy pre-wedding boink fest that begins with her telling her soon-to-be husband, “I don’t have panties,” and only sort of ends when her surprised BFF Olga arrives on the scene. (It’s worth noting that Olga, played by returning co-star Magdalena Lamparska, has her own issues to deal with, and it’s one of the film’s more unintentionally hilarious moments when she’s hellbent on lecturing her pervy pals about good taste while wearing a bare midriff to a formal wedding. What a world we live in.) Also, you will find out which character are you in this quiz.

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Despite her panting, panty-less joy, Laura is hiding a secret: she survived the attack at the end of “365 Days,” but her unborn child, about whom Massimo is still unaware, did not. “A dark secret is the foundation of any successful relationship,” Olga advises, one of the few times the film approaches reality. (Of course, Olga will later continue her own sexy, strange relationship with Massimo’s righthand man Domenico, providing plenty of unintentional laughs in an otherwise staid soap.)

Bialowas and Mandes rely heavily on the film’s sweeping vistas (from Italy to Spain and back) and a pop-centric soundtrack to telegraph emotion and cover up a film devoid of chemistry, plot, direction, or even the most minute attention to detail. Never before have bland pop songs done so much to advance a storyline, with lyrics that remind us of important details (like how Massimo and Laura are “fools in love” or “monsters” or even, as one later song explains, “a little bit… psycho”) as they bang each other in a series of sterile settings. Five songs appear in the first 18 minutes of the film, providing more emotion and dialogue than the rest of the film.

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