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In this pointless, uninteresting, waste of their and our time, four skilled, beautiful female actors portray four pals who travel on a bachelorette trip to Italy. The performers probably had a lot more fun hanging out between scenes than anyone else will while viewing the movie, I’ll wager. The characters visit some lovely antique Roman statues in Italy in one brief sequence, but all the script provides them to say are middle school-level dick jokes. The script treats the actresses who play those roles the same way it does those well-known works of art. Both deserve a whole deal more. We do, too, boy.

Each character only receives one attribute, exactly as Smurfs. The male characters all receive the same thing: unwavering admiration of the wonderful creature to whom they are fortunate enough to be able to dedicate their entire attention because they have no other hobbies, wishes, obligations, or, in fact, reasons to live aside from being Perfect Boyfriends (PB). It’s a glammed-up, dumbed-down version of “Golden Girls.”

Jane Fonda portrays Blanche, well, Samantha, er, Vivian, the free-spirited, sex-positive hotel executive, once more. She likes Don Johnson’s character Arthur. Judge Candice Bergen is currently retired. They basically cast Diane Keaton as her dithery fallback persona, the one who enjoys wearing broad belts, crinolines, and polka dots. Mitchell (Andy Garcia), the man she met in the previous film, is her PB. Carol is Mary Steenburgen. She is happily married to Bruce (Craig T. Nelson), but she worries and may be being overly protective of him while he recovers from a heart attack.
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Wow, epidemic hilarity! You are correct if you assume images of Zoom calls showing someone attempting to use the mute button and turn off the filter. You might like this movie if you find that novel or humorous. Maybe. Other pointless pastimes from the epidemic era include getting a new pet and learning a new musical instrument that is meant to be cute or comical. Neither are they. The clever elevator pitch for the most recent film was, “A bunch of old but sexy ladies read 50 Shades of Gray.” Although they abandon the idea of a real book club this time, it appears that they all read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. There are woo-woo allusions to fate rather than chuckling references to bondage.

Book Club The Next Chapter Quiz

When Viv’s PB makes a spontaneous marriage proposal to her, the single woman finds herself unexpectedly engaged. Before the wedding, the pals decide to travel to Italy to celebrate. You are correct if you assume that this entails a slow-motion shot of them approaching us in the manner of “The Right Stuff” and the dozens, if not hundreds, of films that have since copied that shot. You might like this movie if you think that’s cute. Maybe.
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The women get up to all sorts of ridiculous antics that could just as easily take place at home, and they do it in one of the most stunning nations in the world with some of the most legendary historic art and architecture. A photo that was sent in error could be misconstrued! Oh, no! They are imprisoned. They are once more imprisoned! identical sheriff (Giancarlo Giannini, a slob)! How hilarious is that? Not!

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The movie, which was co-written by Erin Simms and director Bill Holderman, even fails the Bechdel test. Except for how much they adore each other and men, these characters seldom ever communicate with one another. A few “jokes” about becoming older are also included.
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Another scene involves looking for a bridal gown. You are correct if you assume that entails a montage in which everyone gets to try on clothes a la “Friends”. You might like this movie if you find it hilarious. There are “life is what you make it” remarks, a tribute to a deceased husband, and a last-minute change that makes no sense at all, as you might suspect. But “80 for Brady” will serve you better.

On Friday, May 12, in theaters.

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